Upgrades for Well MRT Blaster 7.4vlt Long?

Can you please tell me what parts I can upgrade on my Well MRT Blaster 7.4vlt Long?

Welcome @Wrighty4one9er. Everything can be upgraded, but it doesn’t need to be. Start by improving the air sealing, an oring will do that.

Next step look towards mods for safe 11v usage. That will see you move to metal gears and swapping out the piston for a metal racked one. Down the rabbit hole you go!


Thanks Mate

I’ll give that a go

1st things I did to mine were green o ring, 1.18 unequal spring, 11.1v battery & hop up.
Was a pretty decent increase in power, fire rate & accuracy.


Metal buffer tube
o ring
metal t piece
metal flash hider
M100 spring
Metal gears and Anti reverse
100% cylinder
Metal dust cover
metal mag release
metal charging handle
metal trigger
11.1v power
big dragon M160 motor

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No the mm sizes they are referring to is the bearing size. The outside diam. of the bearing just under the flange, not the flange dia.


Thanks Rattler

But I need more info as I don’t fully understand or better yet do you know what the WELL MRT Long is standard

Sorry I don’t have one so not sure.
I would expect 7mm or 8mm but you would need to measure them or wait for someone else to answer.
Maybe @HelterSkelter

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Oh and also you need to order well parts or they won’t fit :+1:


7mm bearings, same as previous Well gearboxes.

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Cheers. Oh ok i was thinking all Gen 8 gear boxes are the same. Do you know where I can by Well parts from?

This is the kit I brought, but I didn’t use the spring.
Seems decent for the $.

The boxes in the Well blasters aren’t gen8 boxes. They’re referred to as “V2” boxes as they are based on the softair version 2 gearboxes.
The main difference is the motor is secured into the gearbox through the handgrip, and not into a motor cage connected to the gearbox shell.

Do you know the diameter of the green oring or do you have an eBay link for it?

Im in Perth and can’t walk into a store

I ordered from eBay
20.2mm ID x 2.4mm x 25mm OD


Off topic but how do you find the big dragon (dracon?) motors?

You search for it :joy:

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That was gonna be my next question. Cheers for all the info guys I will see how I go when it all arrives

Why didn’t I think of that 🤦

Let me rephrase - how has it performed for you so far?!?!

That I can’t tell you but for that price they would want to be good :grin: