Upgrades? what does it do?

Hi guys, newbie here.

Recently just got my first gel blaster which is a Jinming Gen 10 J10 acr. Now i just want to know what the benefits of upgrading?

Alloy Barrel = increase accuracy or fps??
hop up=??

EDIT: I basically i want the best accuracy i can do on my blaster. Thanks!

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barrel : better stability, and smoother barrel run way.
since the stock barrel is actually just a plastic straw LOL, metal ones works better,
best is said to be stainless at this stage.

battery really just determent how fast the motor turns, so 11v would have a faster fire rate than 7v,
also there are many different type of motor suitable for different builds, high speed, high torque ect

hopup helps to make the trajectory “better”, but how much they work also depends on the barrel ID and type and size of gels you use.

metal gear, last longer, more gear ratio to choose from for different build

o-rings : better seal around piston head, cylinder head, and such,
so you get the full potential of your cylinder size.

piston / piston head / cylinder / cylinder head : many different design there,
generally speaking metal parts last longer than nylon / plastic parts, so yah


Im assuming your ready to pull the gearbox apart?
The acr itself tears down really easily as its a few pins , I dont mind opening it up compared to risking rounding hex screws.

Anyway id go the aluminium barrel , about 33.5 to 35cms is good with the cylinder to barrel ratio.
On that i would get the DK j10 hopup
These will both improve accuracy.
Then there is the acr barrel stabiliser which will help aswell , Dk also do a 3d printed one thats screws onto the barrel to lock it in place and make it more sturdy.

So then yeah if you wanted fps you can upgrade the 1.1mm spring in the gearbox which is really easy to swap over once you get to the gearbox.
This is a whole other can of worms i wont get into right now. However u will have to unscrew the 4 motor screws in the handle to loosen the gearbox BEFORE you can take the stock off without stripping your wires like most ppl did.

Then like i said if your keen to go inside the box i would put a green oring in it and seal up air leaks in the cylinder head etc.
This will help gain some fps back from a shrinking or deteriorating stock black oring.

If you want to increase your rate of fire you can get an 11.1v battery .
This gives it a very noticeable difference in how many it spits out and more obviously it sounds way faster. The nylon box can handle it easy. I personally dont recommend using an 11.1v all the time unless you have bits to fix it if the ladder strips.

This is where it begins and is enough to sit on for a while , and with ebay etc really shouldnt cost that much .

Hope this helps .


Icarus your’e a ninja.

Took me a while to get that out


took me ages and a couple edit too XD

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anyway, sup man, welcome to the forum :smiley:

i think we are in many ways alike,
as i also only recently got a ACR as my first blast,
and i am also been chasing that accuracy monster atm LOL

but i have now realised that,
at lease for the kind of accuracy i am talking about, an A Zone grouping at 20m away consistently,
is simply almost impossible to achieve on gel blaster,
this is mostly due to the fact that gel ball are soft, it changes shape inside the barrel,
and is unpredictable at most…
while in the right setup hopup does a great job, but it can only do so much,
physic is physic, and nothing can beat it…

one thing that many suggested me, which i’ve tried and it really helps,
is to make sure the gels are dried properly before you put them into the mag,
coz wet gels are actually more inconsistent, it will tighten up the grouping a fair bit even with out hopup :smiley: :ok_hand:

also getting the right size gel for the barrel of your selection is very important too,
as the barrel range from 7.0 inner diameter to 7.5mm,
it’s ideal to find a gel that has the consistency in size just a touch smaller than the barrel size
(and then there’s the painful grading process… lol…)

secure your inner barrel to your outer barrel also helps,
u can use tape around the inner barrel, just enough so it fits snugg into the outer,
i use a bit of plastic straw cut outs, works solid too,
this is to reduce any vibration, which helps with trajectory a little,
in a nut shell, you want no movement in the barrels at all, make it solid like its one piece to the rest of the body :ok_hand:

all and all,
GGLF :smiley: :+1:

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2 of the most important things for accuracy are also the most basic. As in, you won’t need to open the gearbox.

  1. Find the gels that suit your barrel best. Grow them in a large shallow container so they don’t get squashed be each other. And if you can, sort them by size like Low Guido does on YouTube. Get rid of the under and oversized gels

  2. Get an adjustable hopup and tune it to suit those gels.

is the single layer growing method that crucial?
i can understand the idea of it, but does the gels really get crash / deform that easy when there’s a couple more gels on top of it O_O?

I don’t bother with single layer, I just make sure I’m using a container that has a maximum of about 8 layers.

Upgrades? What does it do?

Pretty easy really, it generally renders the blaster inoperative and creates alot of stress for the owner… and generally they end up selling their blaster and finding something else to do.

That is the story I mostly hear from new blater owners. Those that keep at it and spend enough time on forums and spending money and time trying stuff out, like the gurus on here… end up with awesome blasters that are fairly accurate and reliable…

I have never heard of a newb with one blaster only being successful and staying in the hobby completely happy.

Noobs need to have one blaster at least which remains operative (aka basically stock) and then have other blasters to constantly try to upgrade and ‘make better’ … whilst having one or 2 blasters available to play with at any time.

Gel blasters are toys… they shoot pretty well stock, generally better with a decent seal and some have shitty springs and said plastic straw barrels… but I think a newb should buy a blaster or 3, shoot them all and see which are best/most reliable… then keep the best stock, the second best put in a decent seal, a spring of some quality up to about 1.3mm M90 max and if easy to change, a metal barrel and leave number 2 at that… then, knock yourself out with number 3… don’t expect it to be fantastic in a few days…maybe a few weeks… but keep the other 2 stock (including 2Sbattery) so you can enjoy them at any time… hopefully number 3 will eventually be back to as good as a stock blaster… a bonus if it eventually becomes better.

At least with a couple of reliable ones, people will stay in the hobby. Many people have tried to buy just one blaster and modify that before even seeing how it goes standard… they buy it and a bunch of upgrades and pull it apart as soon as they get home… THIS rarely works! badluck

Don’t fall in that trap ceazy violin laughing (1)


Take the time and watch some videos by Low Guido and Galapagos J. Extremely helpful.


I am so glad I got the cheap m4a1 and broken it,
Even tho it wasn’t my fault that broke it lol,
But the broken gearbox actually let me reference a lot of things I’ve learn from you guys and vids.

I think for people that’s less financially capable, maybe a couple spare gearbox and motor will be a more sensible approach instead of buying a whole blaster?
Like buying another engine to build up while you can still drive around instead of taking the car off road then buy another car just to get by :smiley:

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His new beginner series are very good watch!


Hi and welcome to the group! :+1:

The easist way to upgrade the performance of your blaster is attention to detail with your air delivery system… no leakage means max efficiency and better fps. Fitting upgrade parts like alloy nozzles and piston heads, etc that are o ring fitted will address any issues there. Alloy or ss barrels are a definite upgrade over the stock plastic barrels too. 11.1v upgrades are great for ROF, but can cause mosfet burn out in some blasters.

Don’t forget barrel stabilzation in there while you’re at it. If the inner barrel isn’t secure and vibrating around when you fire you’re grouping and accuracy will suffer. Aim for the most solid set up you can acheive.

A lot of my blasters are more accurate and reliable with just o ring, barrel and moderate spring upgrades. Some, like the Vectors perform pretty well stock too. Just depends what you’re chasing … high fps so your gels hit harder or lower fps and better accuracy.

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