Upgrading jinming M4a1 gen 9

I am looking to upgrade the M4a1 gen 9 but am new to gel blasters and upgrading them. What are the recommended upgrades I could do to improve the power and over all functionality of the blaster?


This is a good kit for 100 bucks which should give you close to 300 fps. It covers all bases. You just have to make sure the t piece and barrel aren’t leaking. Also check your standard gear box casing. I found the clear one to have small hairline cracks in it. For 20 bucks, you can get a nylon box but just make sure you shim it properly.https://www.gelballmod.com/High-Performance-Modified-Kit-for-JM-Gen9-Gel-Toy-Gel-Blaster-p1215715.html


They have the same kit here for $AU92 …

Everything needed :+1: I have been buying the bits separately and was costing about $130+ from different vendors. This kit is all of the same stuff for less than $100

I will be buying these in future myself :grin:


Would all those parts work in the J10 v2 gearbox?

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I am pretty sure the Gen 9 and J10 are the same gearbox… so it should all fit. I haven’t pulled my J10 apart yet :upside_down_face:

what’s your thoughts on the motor? I’m always a bit leery of non retail motors ever since I got caught out with a fake shs, and figure any cheap ones are gonna be fake

Because the Chinese copy… er, I mean ‘reverse engineer’ everything, you never know if you are buying real or counterfeit when it comes to things like motors… they all look the same (the motors, not the Chinese)… if a company makes really good motors, high quality and use, say, red plastic components, a black body and a red anodized support (on a Gen 9 motor)… then the lower quality motor suppliers will change to using the same red plastic, black body and red anodized support…

so then, sellers will advertise the counterfeit motor as the top quality one… will charge top dollar, and the buyer thinks the poor quality one is a good quality one and pays heaps for the fake…

This is why I started the ebay thread… I am hoping people on here will write about which sellers are selling good quality of anything… and which aren’t :sunglasses:

So, which is the best motor?

Would you rather buy 3 x the $18 motor and find 2 are ok and you get 6 months game playing for $60

or, buy one $62 ‘superior’ motor and find it lasts 2 weeks?

It is impossible to tell unless people (who you know) give feedback on motors and sellers?

what spring would be recommended to put into the m4a1 or should i keep it standard

I wouldn’t go larger than a 1.3mm or 1.25mm and even then some stock nylon gears will work without issue and others will strip in short order.
It’s a suck it and see or leave it alone :wink:

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If you keep it basically stock, but do the seal and a real spring… you will have lots of fun until it finally wears out… THEN… you can mod it because you have to…

Then buy another stock one and do the seal and spring… so you have a reliable one to play with any ol time :+1:

You always have to have a reliable blaster … old faithful… it is a pain in the rrr’s if your mates come around to stalk you and shoot the shyte out of you… and all of your blasters are waiting on a new piston or your mega barrel hasn’t arrived yet…badluck violin laughing%20(1)