Upgrading my kriss vector bit of help

Just finished barrel o ring in vector an cant find how this goes back in correct way for safety switch any help [email protected]

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yikes, perhaps @LowGuido can help.

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All good got it. Bit of brainstorming an looking at fire select switch hot it figured out. Vector was easier than my sons acr

Yeah beat me to it. It’s the fire select switch

An put it in back to front. An can stay like that till get 18:1 gears an do motor. Still works lol.

Doing motors on these things blows hard ones.

Yeah I’ll go to my local bloke to get that done an watch how he does it. Got my sons ACR to get done as well. Plus have my v3 saw turning up today sometime.

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Spoken like a true addict…rofl

You’re gawn mate… Bbbbwaahahahaheee

(just like the rest of us) thumb-spanky-bucks

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Yeah mate I am. Started off with a manual glock pistol went back next day an bought a CS 009 pistol got even more hooked than got an ACR an abs supposed to be mine. Eldest boy loved it. So thought why not learn to do it all myself. An yeah I’m hooked love pulling them apart to upgrade work out wats best for wat

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Here is a few pics of one I just built for a mate


Nice I only did o ring spring 30cm 7.2id barrel with stock silencer. Still only running 7.4v. Rest will get done in one hit for me an take more photos which I found helped heaps.