Upgrading vector V2 gearset

Does anyone have any advice on what metal gear ratio to use?

It depends on what rof you want to achieve and what motor you plan to use and your knowledge on blaster mods.
The stock ratio is 18:1

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I have just put in some 16:1 with a SHS HT

6mm bushings native. You need to mod the bx to install 8mm…I may yet but

I had to mod the box to get the spur gear in. The bushing sat in an elevated recess

I think I need to grind down the bottom bevel gear bushing recess also… Trying not to but…looks needed

A big issue reported by others with 6mm is box warping which shouldn’t be an issue if you don’t chase crazy ROF

I will be using some bonding agent and acrylic plate to reinforce the box…because I can

And I’ll probably put the 8mm bushings in even though I don’t have to.

its a present for my fathers gel blaster so i don’t really know if hes going for more ROF but im pretty sure he does as he doesn’t want any spring bigger than a 1.2mm. Im just not to sure about how low of a ratio should i go to.

I’d probably not go the metal gears

The vector does very well with a barrel, oring and spring upgrade

Very well

My most recent build for someone else has a 375mm barrel, full ss cylinder,3s and a nice 1.3 spring

Personally I like the double orig nozzle for these but it wasn’t really needed so she opted not to.

It’s a railg*n to about 20mtrs and accurate enough past 25 to be useful.

It’s actually better than my current personal kit!


I agree with @zeHamish.
This is from one of my Vectors with stock motor, 3s lipo, nylon gears S/S barrel , o ring nozzle, green piston o ring and a 1.2mm spring .


cheers guys thank you both for the help


How long is your barrel ? And what cylinder did you use ?

Approx. 250mm and the stock cylinder


Sexy AF…



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Nice build :heart_eyes:


Looks nice in pictures… BUT!

Wouldn’t like to see it pointed my way eye%20boggling laughing%20(1)

Looks wicked Bro :+1: