Upgrading vector v2

Hello people,

I am new here. So i would an advice on upgrading my kriss vector v2.

So is it ok if i want to use the 13:1 gear ratio with the 1. 3 spring and regarding the motor, what type of motor is compatible with the 13:1 gear ratio? I saw on the website, they are selling the ASG INFINITY CNC Motor. Is ok to use that for my vector?

Hi Sham. Which website is this kit you’re looking at?

Ive only played wirh 18:1 gears and shs motors. So keen to read more on what’s out there for my Vector.

Hi there,

Regarding the gears i saw it on aliexpress.com its called the Bigrrr which comes with various ratios.

And as the motor, you can simply find it on the website. Just look for the ASG INFINITY CNC Motors, they have in U-45000, U-30000, U-22000 & U-18000. So i was just wondering how to mod my vector. If you have any suggestions, please do share with me. I am looking to mod my vector in terms of performance wise as in higher fps.