Upper receiver assembly question

Hi all,
Can someone here highlight where these two pieces go & how they connect inside the upper rec? image

What type of receiver?

looks like a pushrod for the gas block that goes under the front guard into the receiver

Do you know how it’s installed and why it’s necessary?

It’s kinda not necessary at all, it’s just to give a bit of realism and make sure your gas block is spaced right, happy to take some photos if you like

There should be a few more parts to go with the gas push rod however it’s not really required it’s purely cosmetic

If you could that would be a massive help! Thanks mate.

I’m trying to diagnose why my upper receiver won’t slide & click into my lower (with extreme force) - I guess those bits aren’t relating to it.

yeh no worries can you do me a favour and take a photo of what you are trying to do, something isn’t right

tried pulling the charging handle back a little as you slide it on as you get near the back?

Here’s how that rod should fit, chances are when your sliding the receiver together the ejection port cover is getting caught, if you have used extreme force you may of bent it. Looking in the top half of the receiver look for the little plate that is held inside, that should be reasonably flat

Thanks heaps for the photo.
I checked that, ended up removing the little metal HK piece behind the port - since I plan to install the blow back kit soon.
I’m still having issues with the receiver sliding together. I also noticed the metal bolt handle doesn’t spring back into place, it has tension when pulling back but nothing forcing it right back into its end position. What pieces guide the bolt back into place?

So the gas block and tube don’t do much. Iv been trying to work out what there for lol

Realism, also does help keep the barrel more sturdy even if only a little

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