Upper receiver picatinny rail

Hi guys,

I watched a video on monkee mods that you can replace the picatinny rail on the upper receiver with a metal one. 3 screws hold it on. But i have stripped down my blaster and seems the picatinny is actually part of the upper receiver. I have a V3 LTD HK416.

Is this upgrade on earlier receivers and not the V3?

I should have checked before i ordered the alloy picatinny rail but now im going to be stuck with one

yeah the v2 upper receiver was not one piece as far as im aware. i feel you - i have a metal upper receiver picatinny rail sitting in my misc pile of bits that cant be used :rofl:

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Modify it into a keymod or mlok rail o.o

well that was a big waste of $36 plus shipping :frowning:

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If u game enough u can always cut the plastic rail off and glue oe screw that one on

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Now you will HAVE to buy a blaster (or 2) that that rail WILL fit (like the rest of us normally do) laughing (1)

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this means i need to buy two more blaster that uses v2 box so i can use those nozzle and cylinder head i brought wrong?!

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Yes, that is true. Life is hard sometimes laughing (1)

But with all seriousness,
I do need to get one with proper v2 box so I can couple it with metal receiver.
Apparently it’s a bit of work to fit gen9 box in one?
Any suggestion?