Uses for PVC pipe

Hey everyone, I am in the process of building an M4 J9 pistol, now the front of the J9 is threaded, so a trick is to warm up the end of the pipe with a heat gun, and it becomes really malleable, so I then just slipped it over the end and put a screwclamp on the section where the threads are and tightened it up, since the PVC is soft it moulded the threads from the M4 into the tubing. Also PVC pipe with a couple of end caps make wonderful holders for the thin style tunigy batteries. It needs some sanding and customising to make it look more unrecognisable and I will drill holes the length of the main tube to make it look like a chunky suppressor. Its a build in process but I am happy with the concept so far.

Now I know I may be late to the party with these idea’s, but just in case I thought I would share.



Nice work. That’s on my project list too.
Trying to work out good secure but quick draw holster for it though…

That would only really be doable with a short magazine, if the battery tube was relocated then you could heat and mold kydex to give it a open back style holster.

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sheets of thermo plastic would be pretty cool for a holster

Good points. I think I’ll use a shorty mag and put the battery under the barrel.

Problem with kydex is I think I’d have to make a wood dummy to make the buck because I have a feeling a nylon receiver won’t take kindly to the hot kydex…

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Im talking about the stuff they use for arm or finger splints, I just had one made for my left hand, dont ask why, fight with a drill and I lost.
The doctor sat it in a warm bath then put it right onto my hand and formed it then let it cool on me, was as hot or even a bit cooler than water out of the tap.

@Matth1000 you just reminded me that I have a bag of that stuff. Little white beads that go pliable in hot water. Problem with those would be the same (or worse) as with printed PLA. leave it in a hot car and it’s game over. I don’t even think I’d trust thermo plastic to be able to hold its “spring” on a hot day.

One good cheap material is pvc drain pipe. If you get a 120MM diameter or more section of pipe cut it lengthwise, stick it in the oven (probably not one used for food) and once it gets warm and soggy, sandwich it between two sheets of very flat wood (like laminex) and you have a nice sheet to work with.
That can be thermo formed around things, but not sure if I’d trust nylon to take the heat.

Nah the stuff they used on me was like a peice of a4 sheet with holes in it not those beads.

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Is it a bit springy if you push on it?

Just did a bit of research, it’s the same base material as the pellets (except that looks to have a layer of something else on it)

Polycaprolactone Polymorph Pellet

I’ve used it in the past to hold a ring while I set a stone in it… Cool stuff.

This is a bandage version:
Thermoplastic Orthopaedic Spint Bandage 15CM1.8M ( 5.9in1.97yd ), 1Roll/Bag

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Not springy. Hard as a rock. Thats what held my thumb in place for 6 weeks so my tendant could re join


You really put your foot in that one… :rofl:

Literally :grin: