Utter Newb here, the more I read the more confused I get, help?

Hello everyone, okay where to start, I have only just found out about Gel Blasters, well about a week ago and havent stopped reading since.

So browsing AliExpress I ordered this.

XPOWER 3.0 FightingBro Split Gel Blaster Gearbox Ver.2 Nylon Update BD556 Maopul TTM SLR LDT416 Receiver

Like most I can never stop tinkering, so knew I would do this and a alloy barrel as soon as I start.

Anyway, It says I can fit it into a BD556 receiver, which is cool as TAC Edge have these


And now I am stuck, what blaster will this stuff fit into?

I then read this,

And its also a V2 split case as the one I already bought and the bottom of the blurb says the gearbox I bought can fit the JM ACR’s and JM M4a1 J9’s with some mods, how hard are the mods?

Is there a easy/cheap blaster the gearbox will fit into, with or without the receiver from TAC.

I think I am sliding down a rabbit hole at the moment and its getting dark.

Careful getting it all from Aliexpress. Your gearbox with a trigger mechanism may get held up in customs. Why did you choose this over buying a complete gun from a shop locally?

If I were to recommend a gun to a starter, I would ALWAYS recommend the LDT HK416, add a hopup and it’s the perfect starter gun.


Agree HK416 is a great starter weapon, I will be building my next weapon from inside out but wouldn’t recommend someone doing that as a first weapon. Having modded 2 blasters now I understand the internals so much better and feel I understand it enough to make a blaster from scratch. However, if I tried to do that without having fiddled around with the 2 blasters I would have made so many mistakes and wasted money.

Not saying don’t do what you like but 100% do that research :slight_smile: watch everything and learn the gearbox like the back of your hand.

PS* In regards to the modification to fit the gearbox into the J10 and M4A1 I assume it means its a really tight fit and you might have to touch up edges of the receiver to make it fit, pretty sure its just a fitting issue, no major modifications but without looking myself I am not sure.

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I bought that as in the facebook group “Gel ball blasters #1” a member asked if a beast pro gearbox would fit in his Gen 9, his post was done on June 19th at 7:30am, and another member there suggested the one I bought as a better option. And I like that H&K, but I am running with limited funds, so I was looking for a cheap option. And I am quite mechanically minded (Engineer) so didnt mind the idea of having a play. Guess if it cant be fitted as a changeover part will get the receiver and just build one up piece by piece.

If you’re mechanically minded, I wouldn’t worry about something that says “requires modification to fit”.
99% of the time that just means you’ll have to get the file or dremmel out and do some shaving, perhaps make a screw hole bigger or drill a hole in a different place.

It won’t be stuff like change metric thread to imperial etc… Or break out the milling machine and spend 4 hours swearing :ok_hand:


So like buying upgrade parts for anything automotive, ‘drop in fit, never does’ sort of thing?

I am happy to dremel and scalpel to my hearts content, if its really along the lines of that then I am golden.

Also as a thought, if I go the JM M4 J9 route and choose to fit the gearbox to a BD556 receiver, would the fore and aft sections of the M4 just screw straight onto the BD556 receiver?

And would the receiver then logically also fit into a Gen 8 M4?

BTW, thanks everyone so far, I really appreciate the information, and the fact your sharing it…

Well I just googled BD556 receiver and there seems to be a few different versions.

Basically the Jinming Gen9 receiver is fairly close to Airsoft v2 style or “real steel” ones as far as connecting the front barrel and rear stock (some threads might be different for the barrel end)

The Gen8 is totally different. Front barrel connector looks a bit like the Nerf push on and twist connector from what I can see (sorry haven’t had one in person) But there are adaptors etc.

So I’d go with JM gen9 m4 as a starter, it’s a lot easier and your playing with more standard parts.

I just put a standard airsoft stock on my Gen9 the other day. it was a true “drop in fit”


Thank you.

I saw every man and his dog was selling the receiver for different prices, but my uneducated eye didnt realise they were different. And that stock and grip combo looks awesome.

Appreciate the help too.

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Totally know where you at mate. I have started the opposite direction to you though, with an acr j10 and upgrading it. Slow going as I’m wanting everything perfect as I assemble it. Not an OCD type but I have been a pew pew fan since I was a kid, and want to create a beast. Just bought a second hand MP7 and a Glock 18 for my next project.

Hi Simon did you get the answers to your questions? I know the bd556 receiver well and am running it with a nylon gen9 gearbox.

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Hey mate, thanks for asking, I already have the gearbox I posted in my original post and have a SLR receiver coming on the slowest boat from Aliexpress on record. Just got to drop in a barrel and a hopup and figure out what motor to fit and Im golden, while waiting for the bloody receiver I have already started another one with the UMP45 shell. These things are addictive…


Your right there mate. I would hate for my wife to find out how much coin I have spent on this little hobby :wink:
Just for future reference the BD556 I have is the XPower variant which a Gen9 gear box slots in with no dremel work. Also it has the same barrel connection and butt stock connection. It also takes a metal V2 gear box.
My only complaint is that you have to assemble everything including the charge handle and fire switch.


You have to fess up where you got that butt stock from @Arty_Marty. That is the sexiest bit of kit, I love it :stuck_out_tongue:

I know eh? I get a woodie everytime I look at it hahaha
It’s from a lancer Tactical Alpha. Pretty sure Evike still has them.


Hey @Arty_Marty does that grip take the 460 or the 480 motor? I have to have it damn you. Just what I need more gun parts :crazy_face:

I don’t know to be honest, I haven’t put the motor back in yet as I’m still working on the bodywork… Good question…

I’m guessing 480 which is airsoft size I think. 460 seems created only for gen 9’s.
Then you get the other specification which is M150 which I thought was what we use which is a long axle motor. Then I get this motor which is a M180 which fits in an airsoft handle and in my V2 APS gearbox.

Maybe this should be a new thread because this is confusing to a few of us?