V2 gearbox help

I am trying to build up a blaster from scratch and purchased an X-Power BD556 receiver. Im trying to decide the best gearbox option to drop in without having to do any mods to the receiver. What are some decent pre built boxes? Anyone have the Warinterest box with metal gears?

@Brad I have a Warinterest box currently standard, it slipped straight in to my xpower v2 slip reciever. The only mods I will need to do is trim a couple small tabs around the top of the lower part of the reciever.
I’ll let you know how the metal gears go when they arrive.
I’m not yet sure which t-piece I should use, the Warinterest t-piece and barrel seem a bit cheap.

@Smashton Hi mate, cheers for the response. I actually ended up ordering a warinterest box to. I ordered the one with metal gears already installed. I have opened her up and put a 1.3 spring and a new O-ring. The cylinder and plunger seem a little cheap so when I have to open it up again i will probably replace them with something better. I used the stock t-piece and a fighting bro 35cm barrel. Im just waiting for my motor to arrive on monday and i will be able to test it out.

@Brad I didnt know they done a box with pre installed metal gears, ah well… learning curve.
I’ve ordered just about everything for what should be an amazing blaster.
I’ll keep it updated on here with pictures and write ups.

Awesome, Ill update you on how my build goes. Hopefully I will get it running tomorrow arvo. When you pull your gearbox apart, if you dont mind could you measure your cylinder and let me know the dimensions please? I would do mine but dont really want to pull it apart again if i dont need to.