V2 Manual safety lever and spring

Hey guys, I’ve got a prerunV2 optical in my MK gearbox build and they don’t have a position for safety, you need to use the manual safety lever to the trigger, what have you used? Brand? Was thinking the shs v2 saftey lever, a spring I got in a shs V2 spring pack seems to have too short of a leg on one side so it won’t fit the mk v2 box :man_shrugging:

that spring does seem a mm or 2 too short.

ive use the shs v2 safety cutoff levers in a few mk h92 builds.

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Thanks :+1: i had levers from a few different makes but nothing fit properly, I’ll give the shs ago. :slightly_smiling_face:

Just wondering, did the shs lever work?

The spring in the shs ones too short for the mk boxes in my experience. Best bet is use the lever with a gen 9 spring (that’s what I did).

I ended up using a Leviathan V2 instead which has no need for the manual lever, so I then installed the perun into my ldt MP5 :love_you_gesture: I must say I do prefer The Leviathan V2 now

my favourite performing blaster to date :slightly_smiling_face: