V2 or Gen 9 Parts Kit - Nylon receiver, Grip Motor & Bits

V2 or Gen 9 Starter Kit - Nylon receiver, Grip, 2 Motors, & Bits

All parts brand new. Bits and pieces left over from previous builds. I’d prefer to get rid of it all in one order, so heavily discounted. Worth $400+ new. Selling $150 for everything + $10 shipping anywhere in Aus

If you want something individually, PM me for price.

  1. Lonex m90 Spring
  2. Red SHS Aluminium Piston with Full Metal Rack
  3. 2x High-Tech Piston Head
  4. Red CNC Piston head
  5. SHS one piece CNC steel cylinder and piston head
  6. Gold Chihai m150 Super Motor (Long 180 Type)
  7. X-Force Branded High Torque 18,000 RPM Gold Motor (Long 160 Type)
  8. Gen 9 Nylon Receiver (No pins or accessories included
  9. Main Grip - Black - Fits Long 180 Type Motors


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Hey mate, I’m interested in items 1-5. Could you please PM me a price?

How much for 6, 7 and 8? @Kesium

Could take the lot and split?

I can do $70 + $10 shipping for 1-5 and $85 + $10 Shipping for 6-8, first one to pay gets 9 for free. lol :slight_smile:

Sweet as, put me down for the parts. I’ll be sending money later tonight! Cheers Kesium

X force motor is 460 right?

yes the x-force is a 460 motor

Items number 1 -5 SOLD

Will let items 6-9 go for $70 + Shipping.