V2 Rizer plate tapping

Tapping the top and bottom plates of a Rizer V2 hop up.
Why? Because i can, and why the hell not. 1 spare hour. Better…sumfin! And inner peace. So, take it for what you will.

So, the nuts & bolts of it all. Why? Because I am not a big fan of just lining up grub screws blindly into an unthreaded hole. Sure…that’s how it gains purchase, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But if you could tap it squarely & retain those grub screws tight, wouldnt you want to spend an hour doing so. Knowing at the end that you have added that extra little bit of inner satisfaction.
Me says yes.
So, grab your v2 &
DONT DO WHAT DONNY DONT DOES! (ie: 13mm open ended spanner)
First, place the rizer in a bench vice, open to around 13mm. Get your verniers out.
Place the rizer barrel end down on the vice. Get max contact with the outer aluminium shell, whilst leaving enough room for the nylon inner to safely come out through the vice without damage.
Get a 15/32 drill bit (from memory ) & gently push the white nylon out.
Now, you may need to use a 15mm soft plastic hammer here (DONT DO IT) to gently tap the inners out.

Next…ooohh. Pop. She’s out

Next, the perfectionist can tap it mechanically.
Or just square it up in your vice & tap it squarely by hand. Tap size 3mm × 0•5 pitch.

Deburr and clean up all 4 tapped holes.

Now, reverse the process.
Insert the top & bottom pieces into the barrel end of the rizer. Make sure you line it back up as you go.
Go slow. Gently. Take it easy. (ie: dont fg it up now).
Gently press it all back in.
Place it on a table, still barrel side down.
Press it all in hard.
Line it all up as you go, all sqaure, all good! All in.
Finally folks, sorry it’s so long. Im tired.
Anyway, ummmmm…ok.
So, you will notice that the rizer comes with 4 grub screws.
Just going to throw a rhetorical question about how many people use 2 grub screws for the barrel & only 1 on each plate ( top & bottom ).
My end game here is use the 4 grub screws on your newly tapped plates.
Look at them with a magnifying glass .
They have nice flat bottoms. (insert joke) that sit nicely on the plates surface.
I then use 2 grub screws from a DK-J10 to attach the hop up to the barrel.
I do this because they are longer than the provided grub screws, an fit better in the longer thread of the barrel /hopup thread.
You may want to gently flatten the bottom of these ones.
Anyway…to wrap up, dont use loctite.
If you want, use “low grade” retaining compound to secure the grub screws firmly.

So, anyway…strap that sht down with duct tape, cramp it with a fgn hose clamp…hell i do. Hack some sht up.
But if got an hour, and i can improve something then… WHY NOT?
Cheers everyone.