V2 Silver Edge wiring kit

Does anyone know where I can get a rear wiring kit for a v2 silver edge. Thanks!

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…as in a fresh wiring loom for a APS gearbox?

Yea I saw them on TE I just wasn’t sure if it had to be a specific wiring kit or if I could just use this one

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Just get Siver wire and a soldering iron and some heat shrink unless U need one of the buttons

S**k me. That’s all you’re good for :joy::joy:

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We are friends in real life but shouldn’t be so blunt on the Forum don’t know how that goes

Isn’t that why we’re friends

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Don’t want to get the comment flagged and get in trouble

Yeh I’m not going to report it just thort i would mention it don’t want to lose Ur account now

Yep nothing special about the wiring looms. They’re all the same between models… Just the mag terminals are swapped from time to time.

You two… get room.


If they are current generation, they probably are in the same room messaging each other on a forum :grinning: