V2 vs V3 gearbox

Great basic comparison between a V2 and V3 gearbox

It’s airsoft but posting for the technical info…

Has anyone converted a V3 airsoft gearbox to gelball?

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The new AUG is V3 I’m pretty sure.

Main difference between v2 and v3 is the support for blowback.

I’m keen for the motor in a cage…

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@Rokz I think you’re right about it being V3

If you look at the locking tab for the spring guide, it does look like the one in the video.
That’s good!

You might have already seen this but here is a teardown and upgrade. It’s better than I originally thought.

How do you adjust motor height? With the pinion gear?

Yep that’s definitely a v3

The same way you would on your gen 8 lower or raise the pinion up the the motors shaft

There is an alen key in screw in the bottom of the motor / cage. So it’s the same as before, except the motor is in a cage instead of handgrip

:+1: ok thanks, was hoping it would be something like that.

Thanks mate, excuse my ignorance as I have never worked on gen 8 style box👍

No ignorance here bro especially if you never had a gen8. If you did then have one then it would be ignorance :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Just waiting on a motor which is apparently on the slow boat fro China


So which metal gearbox is that one?

The motor cage looks like the one lonex make for the ak v3 gearbox

Looks like the Retro Arms v3

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Hey mate how has the gearbox turned out really keen to do the same?
Cheers appreciated

I’m looking for a decent V3 does anyone know of Australian supplier for them!