V4 Gearbox for V3

We Hi guys, new to Gel Blasters and first time poster. I have a V3 and was wondering if the V4 gearbox was the same. I have been searching for a replacement but can only seem to find the V4. Thanks for any assistance.

Hi and welcome :grinning:

The V4 gearbox is the metal one that M4A1 sells, but it has some parts upgraded in it. I brought the metal gearbox, had to replace the pin on the back to metal as the box couldn’t handle the buffer tube,fitted green o-ring, I had to replace the nozzle as it was causing a leak and the motor pinion to metal.

I was told by the tech at my local m4a1 that all these are already done in the v4.

A friend brought the V4 hence I learnt the hard way. It would of been a little more to just buy the V4 instead of the mucking around.

So what you are saying is that I just buy a V4 Metal Gearbox and it will fit the v3? Might be they way to go I think.

It will, you might need to replace some parts like I did, the metal box is from before the V3.

The bolt for the spring and the buffer tube to screw onto will have to be replaced, at least mine did. But with only that it was struggling to get 220 FPS. Once I did the nozzle, spring and oring it is hitting 290 avg, but up to 320 FPS

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