Vector 2, need new motherboard

Hi, i just recently purchased a vector 2, put an upgrade kit which i purchased through cq blasters in Gladstone on it, ■■■ worked fine, but my slide may have fallen apart and siezed the ■■■ and fried my motherboard or as ive seen from other sites, my motor maybe to big, and fried the board,
Is there an upgrade board i can purchase to prevent this happening again, if so what would it be called and where can i order one please

not really…and with stock internals the stock board is good for a 1.3 provided you’re not dumping mag after mag firehose style.

your caper will be to either retain the fire modes, new stock mosfet + a secondary mosfet for the motor or have hard on / off and install an easyFET

both options require an easyFET anyway.

bot more importantly, find out what you did wrong with your build and don’t do that again.