Vector Barrel and Cylinder Upgrade?

Whats the best volume ratio for the vector or in general, ive got a non ported piston sleeve/cylinder and im getting a 300mm vector alloy barrel on its way and was wondering if i could install the cylinder now. Would it affect my blaster in any negative way or should I wait till i get the barrel?

Gday. Work out the volume of an unported cylinder.
Work out the volume of a 30cm barrel.
Work out the difference as a percentage and then lengthen or shorten the barrel to match the cylinder or port the cylinder to match the barrel.
Job none.

This might sound dumb or im just having a mental blank but how do i work out the difference as a percentage?

(cylVol / barrelVol) *100%

your initial query was around best ratio. ratiop is the calculation above

i am curious to see what the brains trust declare as best ratio for the vecotr.

i think it may have been guido in a vid who floated 2 to 2.1 to one

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This may help.

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Hey mate i put a 30cm bruise mater in mine and kept the original cylinder but blocked the ports and it shot like poo…so i unblocked the original cylinder and shots great…have done a few other upgrades but nothing out of the norm and am getin around 330fps…hope that helps :slight_smile:

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how is your gel balls still intact at that fps? that’s crazy

Milkys grown to 7mm…fly out no problems​:+1::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

that’s what I’m running I find majority hold but some burst. we’re u getting yours ausgel?