Vector burning smell during use

Hi guys, I’ve had my vector for a good 10 months using an 11v battery and haven’t had a problem with it but recently it has been producing a really strong burning smell, I don’t know whether or not it’s the motor or mosfet.

If you are heavy on the trigger you will be slowly cooking the board.

It is possible that your motor brushes and windings are starting to become damaged.

If you like your fire modes you should put in a secondary MOSFET now.

If on full and off is your trigger type then wait until you get it and drop in an easyfet

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Thanks mate.

Never a good sign.
The wires are running too hot.
It often starts with melting insulation which is not easy to see at a glance. Fix before there is a short.
Mosfet and thicker wiring from battery to FET to motor will help.
If you’re re-wiring, keep them as short and as far apart as is practical.

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Is it a particular type of wire or will any do?

You move up in thickness. It’s about total cross section of copper.
Rubber compound insulation is more heat resistant than PVC.
Some use silver wire which conducts ~10% better than copper. In some blasters where room is tight I’ve just doubled up the wiring.

MOSFETs being contactless do not have the arcing and deposit build up that usually leads to reduced contact area and heat. Quite likely the case with your set-up if you’ve been using it for a year.

The heat that builds up will travel along the wiring and melt the insulation (~100C+) and if there isn’t a short, nylon bits melt next (~140C+) and then the solder joints (~180C+).

Thanks for the help