Vector help plz

Hi can I get a cylinder recommendation for a vector v2 with a 29cm alloy barrel, 24mm green o ring and 1.3 spring, many thanks brethrens

Welcome @HeltahSkeltah420

In my oppinion the stock cylinder is great.
I have tried different cylinders and my favorite so far has been the stock one on my Vector.

I agree with @Rattler here, the stock one seems to fit the best. I have tried installing and using a full stainless cylinder but they seem to be about 1mm fatter and the gearbox wont seal up perfectly. I ended up going back to original for now until I find another cylinder that fits better.

To keep my volume (Cylinder/Barrel) ratio above/around 2 I use a full cylinder with a 30cm barrel, had to hand sand it a bit to wear the sizing as it is just a little too big but got it in there. I think my ratio now is sitting around 2.3-2.4. The default cylinder with my longer barrel gave me a ratio of about 1.6 which would still work but not ideal.