Vector Jamming side by side in t-piece

Finally able to get out today! felt so good!! However,

Stock Vector with an m90 spring using aka gels grown to 7.2-7.3

went smoothly for easy 80 mins then all of a sudden, jammed, 2 jammed in the t piece side by side, stripped it down enough to get them out, no dramas, back out, 10-15 mins in, jammed again, was lucky enough to have someone lend me a blaster for the last game,

any tips on what’s causing it? I have noticed a lot of moisture, which I figured that might have caused the 2 gels to slide side by side and jam but I thought I would ask the smarter people

Stock Vectors do not like hard gels.
I think you will find that one or more is getting jammed in the barrel first then the others trying to be rammed in can’t go so you end up with a pile up :rofl:


so it wouldn’t be too much moisture that would have forced it to go side by side?

back home and put 2 mags through it(also set up the chrono properly), no jam, was shaking it to see if it was a certain movement that may have caused it

I do have another vector gearbox with a metal barrel in it was for another project that I canned only recently, ausgel 7.3mm ID, worth replacing??

I do have some warinterest gels here, just try them?

You get a few odd oversize gels with all gels but with the very hard gels those big ones can jam and then the gels after it get rammed in with it and now the tappet spring is not strong enough to ram anymore in and just pushes the gels aside instead of mashing them because they are so strong.
A 7.3 will make it worse.
I use WI milkies in my Vectors because anything harder jams eventually, even the Armourtech yellows


cheers man, will see if I feel adventures enough I will grow the WI for tomorrow,

also, I guess I should really get an ID of 9.5 metal barrel for the vector?

7.5 ? I use 7.3mm I just don’t use really hard gels with them

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but then it doesn’t hurt the other person enough XD

but I get ya man,

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