Vector Mag Clearing

Is there some kind of voodoo trickery, supernatural talent or Special Tool #555 required to clear a Vector mag of unused gels at the end of a session??

Clearing the feedtube is a PITA… the gel keeper at the top’s impossible to retract with my stubby digits, and the placement of the filler hatch means I gotta shake the shite out of the mag with it open to get 'em all out.

I thought my Baretta was a bitch to clear… :joy:

On a side note, has anyone extended a Vector mag along these lines?

Vector Extended mag

Obviously not suggesting chopping up another perfectly good Vector mag, but you get the idea. Oh and apologies for the less than stylish photoshopping.

I use a piece of bent fencing wire

Works a treat

I’ve thought about nodding a vector mag like that, just on the lookout for the plastic sheet. I think it would be worth it and potentially look cool too

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Yes, hold it upside down and flick it hard and they all come out.
Vector extended mags have been done but on the side and higher up, the way you have it in you poor photo shopping pic is too low and the bottom has the motor and feed mechanism

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I’ve been using a toothpick…

That way I see it I can hang it out of my mouth and look staunch like Clint Eastwood until it’s mag clearing time :joy: and it’s biodegradable…


Ohm…totally missed the comment about the doubling…

Don’t. At least not that way. The bottom 3" of the vector mag is basically form, motor and impellor

Tape two mags together side by side. That works well


Taping them… yep, that’ll work, cheers for the suggestions. :+1:

Hold it and swing it like yor trying to empty a bottle

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That’s what I’ve been doing, but the missus is getting a little tired of squashing milkies between her toes whenever she walks into the shed barefoot… :joy:

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Do it on the lawn :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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I don’t see how that’s your problem ?


It’s a bit like a bike pillion seat that way… :joy: