Vector not firing and other issues

Greetings to all! Recently my KVV2 stopped firing and I first supposed the mosfet was fried. Ordering another mosfet online, I realised it happened to be the 2 pin, 3 pin , 2 pin , 4 pin version which LG showed in his mosfet change video.

Changing the mosfet, i rewired according to LG’s method, as shown below:

After plugging in the 11.1V however, it still doesnt fire! At this point, i have no idea what is the problem. I tried fiddling with the fire select but there is no difference. Any idea what should i do next?

On another note, I disassembled the gearbox in the KVV2 hoping to change the O ring, cylinder and barrel. While the O ring change is straightforward, however the stock cylinder’s nozzle was attached to the cylinder itself. How can I remove it to change the cylinder? This also happened for the barrel itself, where the T piece is stuck to the barrel. How do I remove it? Do i heat it up?

Appreciate your advice please, thank you!

Update: Ok apparently the cylinder head can be yanked straight out.

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i’ll look over this again in the next day or two for you but if you followed LG’s method it would be hard to go wrong

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