Vector not shooting properly

Hey guys hope everyone is winding down for Christmas. I have a problem. Installed new mosfet in my vector as I burnt the old one out. While pulled down I upgraded o ring and spring to 1.3mm. Put it back together and plugged in my turnigy 11.1v battery. Started firing and they barely going 5 metres. Any ideas??

Definitely compression.

You’ll need to pull it down again - easy as

With the cylinder out and the nozzle on

Advance the nozzle to simulate the closure into the t piece, put your finger over the hole

With your THIRD HAND, push the piston in.

Ideally it should engage and provide resistance fairly quickly after the O ring passes the port.

I suspect yours won’t.

Corrective actions…
Stretch the oring…over the outside of the cylinder, leave it overnight
Use some super lube on the cylinder head spigot to make a better seal with the nozzle itself
seal the cylinder head to the cylinder with PTFE or some flexible glue (I don’t recommend gluing the vector head because they aren’t really interchangeable with random spares)

Next day, redo the trst and you should get much better results

Don’t forget to put the little white curved nozzle tappet in orienting the arrow correctly

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could have torn the O ring putting it in, or O ring too fat, too dry… or, your balls are too small (or big) eye%20boggling laughing%20(1)

Gel size is a legitimate thing…bigger the better

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All except for in gel blasters laughing%20(1)

Well… Depends on the size of your barrel doesn’t it…:sweat_smile:

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Not the gel balls fml