Vector problems

Hi, I just signed up to the group. Bought myself a Vector V2 a few days ago (Townsville Nth Qld) I’m using milkies, also use a 7.4 & 11 volt battery. My main issue is the blaster jamming. Sorry if this has been discussed before, I couldn’t find it. The blaster loads & I can put a dozen or so shots through it, then the power drops right off & it jams. I have to remove the mag, make sure all the gels are gone from out of the ■■■ & re-prime. The same thing happens all over again. I know I’ve forfeited any warranty on the blaster 'cause I’ve used the bigger battery, which almost seems like a cop out. Is there anyone who’s had a similar thing happen & found an easy fix? Thanks for any advice.

Hi mate. Using the bigger battery shouldnt void your warranty.
Just return it and get another.

I’d you are using the shovelled gels that come with OEM blasters, they are garbage

Grab some decent ones and restest

He is using milkies hammie… not sure if gold packet, red or green pack

Yeah, you’d reckon that. But that’s what I was told when I bought the blaster. I’m wondering if there’s something wrong with the mag.

I’m using milkies. I ones that are recommended. I threw out the ones that came in the box

Hmm… Will reponder this in a bit

My Millie’s I grew overnight range from 7.0 - 7.6 having just checked a few

Can’t wait to be done with this batch of crap

Thanks. Mine all look a fairly standard size. I’m interested to know if anyone knows why the blaster would be jamming after a dozen or so shots. Empty the ■■■ of balls, then fire on auto after recycling a few times, then the same thing happens again.

I have two vectors. Neither behave that way

That’s why my head went to gel size they are native on a 7.5ID barrel so it’s not a usual issue

I’m wondering if the magazine isn’t cycling properly. Seems strange to only get a dozen shots out of it then it dies. My old Jin Meng with the blue gels worked a whole lot better than this one does. Did you have yours modified & what did you have done?

There are a number of changes I’ve made to mine

If you want to know if it’s your mag, load it with gels, feed it 7.4v manually and watch the gels pop out the top

It’s best to do this into a bowl so they don’t get everywhere

Dmr Kriss
375mm barrel
1.3 non linear
Nice nozzle
Full cylinder
Opened the piston head
Panthur hopup <- I do NOT recommend these

CQB Kriss
1.25 crappy spring <- have an M90 for it
SHS 16:100:nice nozzle
Riser hopup
130 barrel

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Thanks for all that info. I’ll see if I can’t do what you recommend this afternoon. Cheers mate

i’m hoping to make it to guerillas today…

if you’re local i can always take my roll and have a quick look for you

the vector is a pretty simple blaster once you wrap your head around it

Mate, I’m in Townsville. Probably not local. Thanks for that anyway. I appreciate the thought.

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