Vector sealing issue

Hey everyone. My vector was never a great performer out of the box but never had a chrono to confimr so assumed i was just expecting to much. Anyway As with all blasters did the standard oring and 1.2 spring treatment and was abit disappointing when i finally got a chorno and it was only showing 180ish fps. Chrono shows 280fps for a stock gen 8 with oring, oring nozzle, SS barrel and spring upgrade so chrono is definitely accurate.

I got started on tracking down the issue which is obviously a sealing problem. I added a double oring nozzle which didnt help, have added a SS barrel which didnt help, have changed the piston head to another plastic one i had laying around which didnt help. I ended up putting a Gen8 hardened return spring on to try and push the nozzle into the t piece better which also hasn’t fixed anything. I have tried 2 of the standard orange t pieces and both do the same thing.

When i blow down the barrel i am definitely loosing a substantial amount of air from the t piece area even with a fresh vector double oring nozzle and t piece. Has anyone had any issues with the nozzle not lining up properly in the t-piece? i have noticed that if i jam a screw drive up the feed port on the t-piece and give the nozzle a good wiggle around it will eventually seal correctly but then return to the unsealed position following a cycle.

Any one else had this issue and have a fix? im at the point where i think my only option is to buy a new gearbox as i think their may be a molding issue with my current box which is causing the cylinder head/nozzle not to line up correctly with the t-piece.

ATM i have to run an m90 spring to hit 220fps which is not right.

I know the vector nozzle is slightly longer than the gen 8/9s, some stores sold the double oring type stating it was suitable for a vector but it was a few mm too short. Just something to check if you have the original still.

Mate watch a few of rowan Ralph’s vids. RPM blasters.

He has a YouTube video that basically just talks about air seals etc and he talks about vectors and what to use and not to use.

I hope it helps you figure out your issue.

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definitely used a vector specific nozzle. its 1mm longer than the gen 8 nozzles i have running around. FPS is low with the stock nozzle or vector nozzle

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good video. He goes over how to fix the t-piece air seal issue and how to fix it, but ive already done both of what he suggests. Im picking up another gearbox to compare. im pretty certian the gearbox has a small issue in its layout causing the nozzle to catch in the t-piece before its fully seated.

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