Vector Upgraded but no Chrono - estimated FPS?

My Vector V2 has been modded recently but I don’t have a chrono to test it on. How many FPS do you guys think would it reach with these mods:

11.1v battery
27.5cm alloy barrel
alloy nozzle
green o ring
1.3 unequal spring
piston with metal teeth
100% stainless steel cylinder
45,000rpm 480 motor
easyFET installed
16:1 SHS gears
deans plugs
metal t-piece

Please tell me what you guys think and if you think I missed a mod that could potentially boost it please tell me!

High 200’s

260-280 without much fuss

Only that much? Wouldn’t it be more? I’ve seen people with just a Green o ring, spring upgrade an 11.1v reach 300 or more with the Vector.

I recently had a tinker with mine, 270mm barrel, o ring, 70% cylinder 1.25 unequal spring and was getting a touch over 300fps. Since gone back to stock size cylinder and 1.18 spring to tidy up accuracy a little…getting 280-290…depending on gels. Work in progress though. I’ve tried a few springs…can get plenty of power but at the expense of accuracy and load on the blaster

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Yeah I needed to rewire due to the fact that I installed a 45,000 rpm 480 motor and 16:1 gears. I’ve pretty much maxed out everything I can do

It’s good fun tinkering lol I only use it in the back yard so going the full house is a waste for me :joy: But I might some gears and motor in at later date. If your brissy based your more than welcome to swing by and put it through the chrono

I’m based on the GC ;-;

I’m still pretty new myself but I got the hang of it so far. I do matches with mates and I’m gonna sign up for Gel Blaster Club because I wanna do competitive

depending on air seals and gels, 300 is possible

but if you are running a 7.5ID barrel you’ll lose a bit there.

my estimate is more game average over many mags than peak performance for those perfect gels


I forgot to add that mine was with a 7.3mm barrel as well. And I was getting 20fps difference between different brand gels. So yep, I agree there’s a lot of variables


Assuming you have a hop up, how far does it shoot?

If your running a 1.3 uneven I’d estimate more about the 330 mark. Full cylinder. 7.5id barrel with a 1.18 uneven and good seals hits roughly 300

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Things ur gonna have issues with.

The alloy nozzle isn’t going to seal up against the metal tee piece. Sometimes metal isn’t the best option. The orange tee piece is the beat profiled. To help with the nozzle to seal up against the tee piece first make sure u have the correct length nozzle and use an slr rubber tip.

Running the fastest motor isnt always the best option. You will run into pme issues. Also running a 1.3 spring on a high speed motor will increase heat as the motor doesn’t have enough torque to pull the spring for long periods of time.

Dont forget a metal AR latch.

You should be seeing 330 fps anything less than that will indicate a seal issue or timing issue.


Alright thanks for the advice!

No hopup due to having bad experiences with them in the past

I have gotten a steel anti-reverse latch now and also the motor is high torque.

You can measure your fps without chronograph by 2 ways.
1- Beer can: How many bead does it take to make a hole in empty can, full can and can bottom (the thickest area). This is just a reference method so you can not get any number out of this beside the feel of power after every upgrade. My HK416 need ~160 gel bead to drill a hole in the bottom of beer can, 4~5 to drill an empty can and 15~18 to drill a full can for example.
2- Acoustic method: Yeh, this is science. At the same temperature, the speed of sound is constant.
Let say we have a yard of 10 meters. Put a beer can at 10m, any sound recorder device at 5m to compensate for the sound travelling time. Use any sound analyzer program to calculate the travelling time between 2 peak of sound from your blaster to the beer can. With measured time, distance =10 meters, you can calculate the velocity. With a good recorder, the accuracy of MPS can be up to 80-90% compare to Chrono because of ■■■■■■ velocity drop, so just multiply a compensate coefficient and we’re good to go.
Edit: Also you FPS will be relative to your spring. This is the chart for SHS spring

  • M90 (260 FPS - 300 FPS)
  • M100 (280 FPS - 320 FPS)
  • M110 (300 FPS - 340 FPS)
  • M120 (320 FPS - 360 FPS)
  • M130 (350 FPS - 400 FPS)

Thanks for the awesome tips! However I’m not sure what spring I have in terms of the SHS ones, I just have a 1.3mm unequal. If you’d like a photo please tell me.

1.3 unequal is appr~ M100-M110. Depend on the material and length of that spring. That’s why I prefer SHS because they have a standard.

Alright. I might upgrade to an SHS one later on. Thanks for the help!

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