Vector V2 Barrel Upgrade Options

There seems to be more than several options for metal upgrade barrels which then raises more than several questions…

  1. on ebay they sell an 18cm metal inner barrel with a 20cm metal outer barrel. Does anyone know how this works? Wouldn’t the outer barrel be too long?

  2. I think I want to go for a 27.5cm inner barrel and mod a hop up in the silencer like Low Guido. What would be the best inner barrel to buy and where would I get it from (links please)? Also I’ve seen a 7.1mm inner barrel too, would that work with most milkies? I want mainly accuracy would the 7.1mm inner be the best option there?

  3. If I were to go for the longer 27.5cm inner barrel would a full cylinder be optimal for that barrel length? Would an ebay cylinder with the cooling grooves be any good? I think I read somewhere that someone was getting 280ish fps with the standard ported cylinder, 1.2 or 1.3 spring and a longer barrel. Would changing the cylinder even be necessary? Would I see gains going to a full cylinder?

Here’s a pic of my real holo sight, just an ebay el cheap’o but pretty cool none-the-less…

this is the 7.1mm inner barrel I’m looking at…

Is this hop up a good one?


I religiously use the riser hop ups. I have a bunch of the original ones

Barrels…I’m converting to 7.3ID SS

In short, I find the tighter bore requires really consistent gels siEd correctly and it seems I’m too lazy to be arsed

7.3 seems to be the sweet spot

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Thanks for your reply. I’ve settled on a 27.5cm Ausgel 7.5mm metal barrel for my vector and I’ll probably get a 50cm SS 7.3mm barrel for the AWM rifle I plan on getting.

You will need to swap out the ported cylinder to a 100% item with that 27.5cm barrel… the original ain’t gonna be up to it. It’s matched to an 18cm barrel. Your Vector will shoot gels like it’s got a enlarged prostate…

Low Guido’s got a pretty handy vid all about this particular Vector mod on Youtube. Uses a 27.5cm barrel from memory. :+1:


Funny how mine don’t , I use the stock cylinder on a 250mm barrel and get 300fps and Laser straight accuracy :thinking:


It’s complete nonsense!
Here are your specs and you can see you’re at 2:1 ratio on the stock cylinder on a 275mm 7.5mm barrel.
Infact if you use a 100% cylinder you will ruin your accuracy.


i have a dmr vector i have a full cylinder in it running a 375mm 7.5ID barrel

on the cqb i use the stock cylinder

i did have another running a 275mm barrel on the stock cylinder…it went ok too

full cylinder really isn;t required until you get into the high 300mm range and even then, only if its 7.5mm.


Fair enough… I’ll stand corrected on the ratio issue. I haven’t physically used a Vector with a longer barrel, so don’t have firsthand experience to fall back on.

So now I’m left wondering why a ported cylinder that gives a ratio of 2:1 with a 275mm barrel gets matched to a 180mm barrel in a stock Vector.

Simple, because the stock blaster leaks like a sieve so it needs the extra volume :rofl:
Seriously though do you think the Chinese factory put that much thought into it ?
They just knew that 100% was too much so threw an 80% in there :frowning:


That’s good to know, thanks for the specs mate. So the stock ported cylinder is actual over powered for the 18cm barrel? But because it’s so leaky she runs alright.

What sort of mods can I do to address the leakyness?

Green o ring , metal o ring nozzle and a good barrel with a 1.25 unequal spring should see you at close to 300fps.
I personally don’t love alloy barrels for a few reasons, the smooth bore does not last and they are not as stiff plus most of the ones I have measured are all over the place as far as bore id consistently goes.
The 7.3mm id S/S rocks !


What’s a metal o ring nozzle, do you have a link please?

I’d love a SS barrel, but I want to get my blaster in action pretty quick to battle my brother in a couple of weeks. Also I worry about the 1.3mm ID and larger balls. I’d like to be able to run any sized ball through it. My next purchase will be a AWM bolt action, and I want that to be super accurate, as powerful as can be, and only run hardened milkies.

This is what I have so far for the vector, any more suggestions would be much appreciated…

shite! i need to correct that stock ratio…

so the latest from @Rattler is that he’s getting best results between 1.6 & 1.8

the 2.1 in the calculator is an AS value - to be fair, i wrote it like…umm…12 months ago when we didn’t have allot of decent testing information to fall back on.

the other take away here is that there are tons of variables that contribute to best range and accuracy and VE is just one of many and that individually none of them at an all purpose gold star

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It’s just what I like and have found through testing to be a really nice range that gives excellent results and virtually no piston hammering, my blasters run so smooth and quiet it’s amazing and people who have seen them run realize the benifits. @HelterSkelter has listened to them and hopefully agrees with my comments.
It is by no means set in stone and others may have different ideas :+1:


I like your method, I am aiming for same.

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My apologies I missed your post


As @Rattler said, I have seen and heard his blasters, and the best way I can describe the sound is what I said to him - “they sound just like a slug g*n used to” (that’s air rifle for you younger blokes :grin:)

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Lol I remember pouring a 500 pkt of wasp slugs in my front pocket and heading off down the paddock , Arrr the good old day’s :frowning: