Vector v2 battery with extended battery hatch

Hi guys.
Wanted to know what battery people are using that fit in the handle of the vector v2 with the extended battery hatch.
I know the Turnigy 950mAh battery fits but I was hoping to take advantage of the extra length and bump up the mAh a bit.

Just sorting through hobbyking now but I havent come across anything yet.


Not sure about the extended battery hatch but this thread I found to be a great way to add a bigger battery or you could also re route the wiring to a buffer tube if you use one.

Thanks, I run with no rear stock so battery cant go there. I want to keep the battery internal so factory position is it for me. I found one on Ebay that fits in the grip but requires the extended hatch to fit so I will give that a shot. Its a 1300mAh 11.1 so hopefully it works out.

Cool I also like to keep it in the grip too.
If your only after 1300mah this is the one that came with my first vector, its tight but does fit :+1:

Hi Matth
I have been running a Vector for a while now with the extended battery cover. I use a Turnigy 1000maH 24-40C 11.1V Battery. The extended battery cover can be a bit brittle I would suggest getting a few.
11.1V Turnigy ■■■■■■■ Battery
Like that

Thanks @MrJudd77 and they fit in with the extended or stock battery cover?

What about the connectors? Do the turnigy have compatible connectors with the vector v2?

I changed all my connectors to XT30.
Very small and can handle 30amps continuous, more than you will ever need.
The connector in the link above is a deans t connector which is also very popular.
Turnigy batteries won’t have the vector connector, some have the red jst connector which will plug into the vector connector but can be accidentally plugged on the wrong way which will destroy your mosfet instantly :+1:


I just use deans connectors as I was already set up for them from my RC racing days