Vector V2 Build Forsale

New Vector V2 Build in SA will post to QLD
Upgraded Stock
Upgraded Handgaurd
Black Out Kit
Re wire - Mofset removed
SHS M100
SHS High Torque Motor
SHS 18:1 gears
Metal tooth piston
Latest Fighting Bro Black piston head
Modified tappet plate to Nozzle connector
Oringed nozzle
Very quality, nice and heavy. Need to make way for other builds. Will Crono but pretty happy with it has great air seal would guess over 300 fps!

$350 BYO battery and charger

I’m interested in what you mean by the modded tappet plate to nozzel connector, what did you do and why?

Hey not sure if you seen my reply. I had to modify it as I used a gen9 Nozzle so to go the correct distance I had to elongate the bottom hole and file away pieces of the connector so it didn’t fowl

Building another two of these. One 13:1 and another same as this build.

What did you replace the mosfet with and what trigger switch did you use ?

Ahh that’s an interesting fix. I had the same problem and i glued the rubber stopper higher up on the nozzel

I could see a compromise in travel if I did that and wanted it to work as it would if I used the right nozzle. Works great. SHS sector gear was too long also and I put a 100% cylinder in it so a few Lil things to do so it all worked