Vector v2 help/ ideas/ suggestions

Hi guys I need some help, I’m starting to get really annoyed with my vector. It only started recently where it’s like it gets clogged and will not fire unless you keep pulling trigger for a bit in single shot until it fires again. I’ve tried using different gel balls same thing same thing after a few shots it clogs it’s getting really annoying in the middle of a game and your not firing anything. Is there a fix or is it just the nature of the beast. Ps the ■■■ is stock internals running 230 fps.

Hey Luke. Welcome to the zoo…you’ll find quite a few good vector (KVV2) resources here

And I know your frustration! Getting hosed after failing to take your kill :sob:

Sounds like ammo though and random oversized gels

A stock vector has a pretty large barrel ID

What gels are you using, have you tried.

What is your grow process?

The vector is one of the most legendary reliable decent performers you can buy - except for that stock MOSFET

I have same happen when using poor quality ebay gels on a different blaster. Switched to Ausgel and Alpha King gels, runs fine.

I’ll go thirds on the gels being the problem… my Vector doesn’t like the cheapies… :+1:

I’ve tried some alpha king greens and was doing the same thing, I’ve already checked it isn’t the red board so that’s fine for mosfet. But thanks for the suggestions I’ll give everything a go.

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Alpha king greens ? You mean ArmourTech greens ?

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Yes sorry will have to go grab some and try it. I’ve been to multitude of stores and they tell me to buy the standard gels cause it’s a stock blaster, had a feeling I should have gone with what I wanted not there suggestion.

The best gels for a stock Vector are the LDT heavy milkies grown to full size.
Any of the really hard gels seem to jam a lot


Check your mag is working ok and lining up with the t-piece nicely. I get this happening once in a blue moon and it always seems to be the same mag, quick fix in game is to eject mag pull it free and slot it straight back in, quarter of a second max and I’m good to go. The other thing you could try is removing the little rubber stopper on the bottom of the t-piece and see if that helps, it might free up movement of the gels into the barrel.

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