Vector V2 Metal T piece

Hi there, I haven’t seen any talk on using the upgrade metal T piece and I was wondering if it is any good? Do people rarely use it because the stock piece is good enough? Apart from cost is there any reason not to run a metal T? Any tips on installing one?


These are not great at all and gave me nothing but grief, the stock orange one is the best available


I too went back to the stock one


Not good at all,ended up going back to the original 1 but put some glue around the seems for a perfect seal…works a treat👍

I’ve had no issues with mine, but kept a stock one in my second vector anyway

Thanks for the heads up, I’ll steer away from them then

The stock platic t pieces are adequate and do the job well enough, the nylon ones are better. I run a standard t piece with the plastic barrel cut off and very carefully drilled out to 9.5mm to suit an alloy barrel. Runs just fine.

Lots of reports of gel feed issues with these metal ones, so good choice to steer clear of them, methinks. :+1:


Thanks for your reply.

Is the Nylon T piece made from a single piece of nylon? where can I find a nylon T piece? Can I buy a 27.5cm inner barrel with the nylon T piece included?

I disagree , no t piece made works as well as the stock orange one for feeding.
The black nylon aftermarket ones are ok but still not as good.
And yes you will need to make a bush to use a 9.5mm od barrel.
I don’t like the 7mm or 7.1mm alloy barrels, the 7.3mm S/S barrels work very well but you will need to cut it to length.


sweet, thanks for the link. Would you cut it to length with a pipe cutter?

If I were to go 27cm in length, would I see gains in upgrading to a full cylinder too?

You could but it will need to be a quality pipe cutter, I use a friction saw and make sure to debur the barrel perfectly.
I am still using the stock cylinder in my Vector and I also have an o ring metal nozzle

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Seconded on the drill out although I was quite brutal at the time

Works a treat


Drilling out the 10mm barrel to 9.5mm is what I believe to be the best method… just an opinion. Athough I liberally sealed up the factory t piece at the seams too. Seemed to be leaking a fair bit in those areas.

Definitely no votes for the metal item on here though… :thinking:

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