Vector V2 mother board question

I just blew my mother board yesterday and noticed that everything seems fine other that what looks like a voltage regulator or mosfet smd has blown? (Original 2 piece board)
Has anyone replaced these? And if so, do they know the part number or a better regulator or mosfet? My other vector has one of the new boards I just discovered and the smd only has ‘Juara’ written on it.

I have the standard upgrade kit from gelballmod with the metal gears and 11v motor, is this what has burnt out the board? It was after unloading a few mags in full auto. The tiny 11v cheap Chinese (1800mah lol) battery got very hot as well. Was working intermittently after that and then died.
Are any of the other 2 newer boards stronger than the original one?
First post in this forum and happy to of found it!

Sorry to hear @Don124 and welcome! I wonder if @EJ908 could help you there. Rumour has it he knows Mosfets :wink:

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Looks like you have blown a transistor! You could try and replace it. But it will likely happen again. Since you have upgraded the motor.

I would recommend installing an easyFET V2. Vectors are really good for the easyFETs because there’s plenty of room!

You can order them from my website.

Or pickup from one of our distributors.


I’ve used an easyFET V2 in my Wells APS build @EJ908, how would that work with the Vector given all of it’s other intricate cycle switches etc. I’ve replaced 2x motherboards already so I’m keen for some reliability.

It will work exactly the same as the wells. Or any blaster. You will loose the ability to do single, and 3 round burst. But it will be much more reliable.

You can install the easyFET in the same place as the old board. Just remove all the switches except for the one on the trigger. The two tabs on the switch which are connected when the trigger is pulled will become your two trigger contacts. Everything else is wired as per the wiring diagram for the easyFET V2

Cheers. It’s a common fail aye. Room on your development roadmap? Lots of Vectors out there, I’m not keen on loosing the fire select though.

Yeah. If you want to keep fire select. I think they released a new board that is less prone to failure. It has green solder mask and is more flat.

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Cheers heaps guys!

I love the sound of the easyFET but I would really like to keep the different firing modes. Something to research further though for sure though and may go that route if I find that’s the only option. Is very cheap and simple and I like that it has the larger pads.

My other Vector has a different board but not the green one unfortunately. So I just ordered one to try out and it did mention in the description 11.1v so will see.

The battery and wires to the mother board do get hot quite quickly (after less than a mag on auto fire) which concerns me a bit. They are not melting but it seems like there is excessive load somewhere drawing all that power.

If I replace the battery wire back to the mother board with a thicker gauge would that help?

Also, I have used spray on white lithium grease which really just coates the gears with a thin layer, is this no good? Might have shimmed them wrong but they do seem to spin ok.

All that said, I do love working on these blasters!


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i can’t stand working on the vector. its worse than the rx akm.

a think coat of li grease is fine. after they rotate at insane rates anything you put on gets thrown off onto the housing anyway.

upgrading the battery wires will result in lowering the resistance and yes, the temperature of the wire after heavy load but do nothing to address the current draw.

if your conductors are silicon coated, fire hazard isn’t really an issue since you’d have to peak 200deg to damage the silicon and you’d let the magic smoke out of the fet board long before that.

your motor is the source of your current draw…is it stock?

No it’s an upgraded motor from a vector upgrade pack:

I found that the original battery connection was a bottle neck, getting very hot so changed that to an xt-60 connector which helps. I also notice that the area where the motherboard sits was getting warm, so this other motherboard I have will shit itself soon I’m sure. It glitched on me when it got hot.
So is this common with Vectors once you upgrade the motor?
The easyFET would be great right now but they are out of stock it seems.

thats not so much a bottleneck (original battery) as it is a hyundai excel being expected to provide a v8 big bore output…

xt60 will help a little as the jst sm connector seems to be a borderline appropriate choice for what we do.

a larger motor will draw more current.
heavier gear and plunger grease will draw more current
heavier plunger spring…you guessed it…more current…

the battery and wiring are only there to provide the maximum current so putting in higher amperage gear won’t save your fet. it’ll just stop you melting wires and fusing plugs.

i have found that short spurts (5-8 gels) seems to be the sweet spot between cooking a fet and fragging your opponent

i cooked two fets on 3s with a 1.4 and the standard motor so far.

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I’m pretty sure it’s the gears in the end.

I’ve re shimmed the gears one by one and got them all spinning freely when the gear box case is screwed down. 2 of the gears had too many shims so was noticeably harder to turn before. But you learn.

I had just blown the second motherboard and then pulled it all apart to find out wtf is going on. A lot of smoke on that one and blew one of the mosfets!

When I get the new motherboard I’ll test it out.

Ouch. This is a new way to fail a vector but at least you identified it

Good to be able to contribute something lol.

So I guess I inadvertently stress test’d the two red versions of the motherboard under the same gearbox conditions.
Winner would be the original ‘3d’ version motherboard with the much larger mosfets, which only blew the smd transistor (or whatever it was). It lasted a fair bit longer.
The second red board popped a mosfet and didn’t last as long.
Don’t know if that means anything but yeah will see how it goes when the new board arrives.

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agreed the original board is better than the single red board.

so far i’m not terribly impressed with them.

keen to see feedback from the lad with the green board is

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I received the green motherboard yesterday and hooked it up and my vector is no longer running hot. So for me it was the gears not shimmed correctly.

As to the new 3 pin connector for the firing modes, that is a bit confusing and will post my findings in the green motherboard thread.

Hey a question:

Someone commented on a Facebook group that you could use the Vector board to trigger the easyFET board and keep the firing modes. Would that could be possible?

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