Vector V2 project

So I’ve spent some time going through all the vector related topics on here, and I just have a few questions, as I’ve read some contradicting opinions in different threads.

I’m wanting to put 16:1 gears into my partners vector, will I have to have them turned down like I did for the gen 9?

The Blue upgrade nozzle, is it bunk?

I occasionally have jamming issues with the orange t piece I bought, is the metal one any better?

Currently running a 1.18 spring, but would like to upgrade along with all this, what size can I realistically go to in this blaster? Some threads have said 1.3 or m100?

This blaster is odd, but a pretty cool design and I’m hoping it’ll take the 16:1’s well. Ideally I’d like something with a high rof, but super accurate. Thanks in advance :call_me_hand:

I have the jamming issue as well, I’m wondering if the metal nozzle will help, but I have no idea.

The best t piece is the original orange one.
The metal t pieces are know to cause feed issues

I have a jamming/double feed with my stock orange one.

Then it’s not the t piece causing it

What could it be?

I have jamming issues on both my vectors with some of the hardened gels. They get stuck up top of the T-piece so it cant sit and feed into the barrel. You can confirm this my looking down the barrel with a torch when its jammed.

I find AKA’s work well but the AUSGEL elites and another I tried get stuck. This is at both 7v and 11v. Mine are essentially stock with one using metal gears but I feel like any modifications would be inconsequential since the feeding of the gels happens prior to contact with any of the internals.

Word on the street is metal tpiece is bad. I have one but never tried it. I have tried both the black and stock orange ones with the same result.

@zeHamish hes the resident expert on these things :smiley:

The Vector is not very tolerant to hard gels or oversize gels, maybe try reducing the gel size a bit

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Thanks guys! Did any of you bother with the metal nozzle?

Yes the alloy oring nozzle is a must have to seal properly, must be the correct one

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Have you try the @Rattler fix for the t piece jamming issues?

Usually not nessesarry on the Vectors

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Pot luck on some gearset widths.

I have one of those nozzles and needed to move the rubber rip forward

Usebthe stock t piece.

With a small to medium spring and the 60% cylinder, @Rattler is on the money with gel size

And as with evwry kvv2, you should address the fcu protection so you dont cook it whsn you finally get it all running

I’ve been very lucky with the FCU’s on mine, both of mine are the very first production models and haven’t had any fcu issues, but I only run the stock motor and 1.18 spring.

That being said if I was doing a rebuild today I would install the Perun AB++ fcu

Ive had really good success in feading and accuracy with the xforce harden pick gels. They cap out around 7.3 so can be left in water. They hop ok, kinda working with a sweet heart till about 20m

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