Vectror, M110 spring upgrade

Vector, m110 spring, upgrade, gears and motor, what length do i need to cut the m110 spring down, same length as stock spring ?

i was about to get up and then i realised i don’t actually a stock vector spring anywhere…

reality is though, provided your sprint length isn’t so long that it pummels the piston into the cylinder head, you’ll be ok-ish

the -ish is because the vector is an acrylic box and they really don’t like too much abuse.

i have a m90 in one of mine and i feel its only a matter of time before i bork the box…of course, that would require me actually leaving the house…

the other thought is that a m110 would give the stock nylon gears a whole lot of extra stress, probably leading to failure.

if you were to cut it down though, i recall the spring being an inch or so longer uncompressed with the piston fully seated than the bottom of the spring retainer.


Keep in mind that coil pitch and springwire diameter determines the spring characteristics more than the length. Like car coil springs, if you reduce the length by cutting coils off you make the spring stiffer and harder to compress. Don’t know that that’s desirable with a nylon geared blaster with an acrylic gearbox.

But I guess if you’re taking off a centimetre or so it won’t matter… I’d be looking for the right length spring myself… but I’m funny like that. :joy:

shs gears in it, hi torque motor in it

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Ah, my apologies, man… you should be sweet then.:+1:

no probs, thanks anyway