Victoria B709a permit

Just wondering if anyone has had any experience submitting a B709a import permit in Victoria?

Was thinking of giving it a go. I’ve emailed the Vic firearm register department with pictures of sci-fi design ideas before and they have said that they are fine and would be considered as a toy not a firearm, so wondering about getting a permit for some of the parts so they don’t get stopped by ABF.

I really want a decent FN F2000 lower as a base for something…

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I would get an email from WLB with the image stating it’s ok first then apply for B709. If they’re like QLD WLB you might get a response stating no permit is needed for what you want then you have both sets of info. Also QLD WLB give you an option to apply for a permit after it’s stopped at the border so you might be covered if that does happen.

EDIT: That’s said my SL8 lower receiver came through without an issue.

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Did you get in contact with G&G about getting an FN FS2000 shell @Arty_Marty?

Not yet… I need to get some mock-up sketches etc done. I think it’s going to be a one chance scenario, so don’t want to screw up and get a ‘no’ off the bat.

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