Waldo Customs - experiences

Hi all

Has anyone ordered from Waldo Customs before? I ordered some parts for my Hi-Capa on August 9 and they still haven’t arrived. They are coming from the UK, so can understand the long delivery times, but just over a month seems a bit steep.

Keen to see if anyone that had ordered from them, have had similar timeframes?


October 9 … like 2020? Or are you a month in the future.

Haha totally missed that! Corrected - August 9

A month is not unusual shipping times in the current world climate.
Have to make sure that the supplier sending parts doesn’t plaster the word “SoftAir” on the packaging and shipping docs… or will be guaranteed to be seized by the ABF when it does arrive, even if it’s just a gel blaster part :open_mouth::confused:

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I ordered direct. Took a while but did turn up. There are a few local resellers for his stuff too but cheaper direct


Good to hear! Agreed cost-wise and some retailers didn’t have the items in stock. Was your delivery timeline roughly the same?

I ordered 13/10 and mine wasn’t shipped until 27/11 as part was on back order. Can’t remember when I got it. Think it was about a month from when it was shipped.