Wall Displays for Blasters

Lol , Alcohol to the left, g uns in the middle and music and transport to the right !
Exactly how it should be :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Is there any other way? :joy:


I recently updated my blaster studio so that I can improve my YouTube content so just sharing an updated pic whilst it’s all looking nice.


Very nice and professional looking

Also, never realized how big the MP7 was lol


On my wife’s side of bed so I can roll over and see 2 of my favorite things :stuck_out_tongue:


ss dagger and jagdpanther

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It’s a replica I found at a flea market in Perth a few years ago.
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1 died in Stalingrad , other got captured in Holland by Americans and the youngest only fought in Berlin at the end of the war.

Could not imagine having to fight in berlin as a child soldier.
Video on a child soldier in belgium

The oldest one volunteered bit the other 2 had no choice. He has some good stories