Want a Field finder, Retailer locator, Event registry? What's next for GBF?

Hey Gel Ballers :wave:
Given the limited technical bandwidth we have, it’s important to prioritise the development roadmap and do the things that matter most to grow and educate the Gel Blaster community. So I throw this over to you for feedback. Next step will be to turn that list of needs and wants into a poll to prioritise. Example:

  • A Field Finder
  • A Retailer, Repairer Finder
  • Event registry (for field operators)

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Look to your browser history… what have you been looking for lately? What was it that had you asking 'It would be good if…" :v:

@BigWeetBix the community needs all of them eh…

as a side note, i’m in the IT space as a profession and have my own hosted services.

PM me about what ideas you have but can’t implement and why. i’d be happy enough to donate some bandwidth in my space to the cause


Sweet!! I was hoping there would be a few others out there :wink:

hahaa…aparently my vector board response wasn’t a give away :slight_smile:

where are you hosted and what are your limitations?

I’ll shoot a PM through

I’m semi-retired from the website game and would LOVE to donate some time and expertise to improving retailers/traders websites. Maybe they’d even be so grateful they’d slide me some goods!

But yeah, I’m happy to help out the community where I can as well (particularly here in WA) and would love to work with anybody I can to help further the sport and keep the community rockin’.

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