Want to go gel blasting

Looking for people to play with in upcoming events/games as I’m new to the sport and don’t want to go by myself


You are never by yourself at a game for long

Peeps with schmick hardware love to tell you about it

Peeps with sleeper hardware are quizzed by those they’ve just owned

And there’s always that one bloke with broken bits being helped by a couple of other randoms

Where are you located anyway?


i go myself alot of the time and just talk with strangers, even it its just “hey, what blaster is that” or talking strategies with the team, and the random comment

you’re not the only person going yourself, feel free the add a random comment, it can go a long way into makiing a friends and conversations

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Yeah I agree with the above. Once you get in usually you’re not alone soon enough. In this sport everyone likes talking to everyone.

But if you post your general area you reside (far side Brisbane ect) I’m sure there’s be someone around that’d meet up with you at a nearby field during a game day so you’re not walking in by yourself.

The general attitude of the players that go to the field is honestly one of the best I’ve seen in any sport.


everyone’s happy to share what set up they have and let you have a quick shoot, talk about gear, what to get, what to avoid. and the usual banta against tac toys


Probably a good idea to say where you are located and what clubs you are thinking of attending?

I would say, as well as a blaster or 5 to take to the game… you might be advised to take a big stick (or a cricket bat) to beat off the guys with… (You wouldn’t be alone for about .4656745465 of a second would be my guess)laughing (1)

Yes, and welcome to the play pen…koolaid


It’s funny I don’t see anywhere near as much as that sort of stuff happening with gel ball than I do a lot of other stuff. It’s a little refreshing tbh


Welcome Elaine.
Your not alone regarding not having anyone to go to games with. I don’t know anyone that plays gelsoft, I’ve never actually been to a game (that’s bad I know), shit I don’t even have any friends (Jesus it’s getting worse). I’m sure however that I’ll end up chewing the ear(s) of some poor bugger(s) talking about blasters and how annoying Calcifer is etc. once I actually do decide that one of my shitbox blasters is worth taking to a game day.
Just turn up Elaine, I have no doubt you’ll have fun regardless of whether you run Lone Wolf all day or team up with some others.
I hope you stick around here too. There’s tonnes of great info and great folks, it is honestly a wonderful little community we have in here. Except for Calcifer. Not sure if I made that clear enough before :rofl:


I’m at brownsplains and I’m willing to travel a little

Hey how’s it going and thank you for the welcome :blush: I am located at brownsplains and am looking to play at Yatala or around locally but not afraid to travel just was hoping to go or meet up with someone lol so I’m not a loner haha

I have a SLR CQB jingji and want to have some fun and get to know some like minded people

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Hi and welcome to the forum.

Id offer to go with you but id probably bore you to death after a little while.(my life revolves around Gel blasters and Martial Arts) . but youll be right its not so bad going by yourself. :+1:


app available shows when games are on.


Hey Elaine,
Are you referring to tactical edges CQB field at Yatala? I play there every Saturday usually the 10-1pm sesh. I’ve gone alone many times but you make friends every time. It’s a really sociable sport. Let me know if you’re going this weekend and I’ll come say hi :slight_smile:

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That’s funny , I had a guy come to me 3 times on Sunday for supa glue , flathead and pliers, he spent 3/4 of the morning fixing shit.
And @Elaine_Knappik there’s a field at wacol (MILSIM east and the village) they have games Friday nite and 2 sessions saturday and sunday in the day


i play out that way on occasion. used to be every weekend.

gorilla pit is close to you.

presently i’ve been playing at hardcore blasters in ipswich every sunday.

i’m kinda funny lookin and will definitely shoot you in the face but more than happy enough to roll up to hcb with you so you can get a feel for the game and its players.

slr - solid choice.


Hi Jhanz,
Yeah that’s the one I was thinking of going to that’s where I got most of my gear from, awesome I will let you know cheers :+1:

Hey zeHamish,
I was only just looking at them this morning and was interested in there weekend session at 2-5pm I just have to wait and see if I can find a babysitter for my Mr 3yr old lol

2-5 on the sunday i’ll be there

mr 3yo might be a wee small to play :rofl: but i’ve seen some effective little tikes from 5 and up

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Oh really okay cool I will keep Sunday in mind and I didn’t know they could start that young even at 5 wow :joy: my little man probably would give it a hell of a go but no way in the world would I let him yet lol