Wanting an OK blaster under $300


I have been sitting here for over a month with no blaster as I await a decision from the ACCC regarding TacToys. The only accessory I have is a DKJ8s hopup and i’d like to put it to use. Which blaster with what upgrades will be the best value for my dollar, looking to keep things under $250 but willing to go to $300. Any help is HUGELY appreciated.

I’ve been told the scout is actually a pretty good buy.
Uses a bit of a hybrid gen8/9 nylon gearbox but it can use some v2 parts too. A bit light and plasticity but for that price you should expect that.

If your happy with the money I’d personally recommend the hk416 v3. 2.5 is great too. But a pain if you want to mod. But out of the box it’s one of the best blasters you can get imo. Don’t know if your hop up is compatible but I know the dkj9/10 work amazing on them.

That being said. Seems to have gone a little bit up in price… :man_shrugging:

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Thanks for the recommendation but it’s a little too rich for my blood. Suppose I’m looking for the best upgrades I could do with the Scout for $100 :call_me_hand:t3:

Those are good prices.
Most owners have at least 1 M4/416 in their collection.

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Figured it would be a good starting point. Any recommendations on what spring I should get or general upgrade ideas?

The stock spring in the Gen8 (scout looks very much the same) is fine, you get decent range with an alloy barrel, hopup and fixing the air leaks from the piston and nozzle. Green o-ring, or whatever the local shop sells, you’ll probably need a new cylinder head and nozzle, this is the one I have used (there is an alloy one if you’d prefer that, but I can’t vouch for it):


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You need a chrono.

Wish I could afford one of those :joy: Strict budget so I can’t be too choosey…unfortunately

You need to have an idea what you’re trying to achieve and how you’d know when you got there.

To do that, it helps to know what you already have or are getting.

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Absolutely agree but in my situation I can’t afford that. I just want a few upgrades that more often than not improve the performance of a gen 8.

Edit: Here’s my shopping list so far


In my limited experience if I was to recommend one Blaster for someone to love and hold and upgrade as funds permit then any of the above would suit fine. I just love my SLR, sure it has a couple of proprietary parts but if that is overlooked the ‘base platform’ is a solid performer.

Excellent OOTB FPS, incredible fit and finish, nice array of general and specific ‘bolt on’ upgrades, classic AR/M4 profile, perfect balance, just beautiful, all this just now stated with the $295 price tag in mind.

My Blaster finger farking experiences are limited compared to other members but I am so pleased with this purchase. I required an AR/M4 Platform to guide and gauge my other build from and after some research decided upon this Blaster, what arrived was so much more than expected. For some reason it doesn’t get the ‘love’ that some others do but flip side I haven’t seen the ‘hate’ either.

I would really really advise to purchase the best quality Blaster you can with the coin in your pocket, then, then start the saving again to mod and upgrade, all the mods in the world wont alter a cheap feeling, plasticky, wonky base platform. My 2 cents, I hope I have helped more than hindered :+1:

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Appreciate the hell out of any information dude, thanks for posting. Totally get what you’re saying too. Just last month I was all for buying on of those Premium blasters from TE :joy:

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Anyone had any experience with this?

So I completely forgot but the aug might be an alright piece of kit too. Might need a few tweaks and some small mods. But once their going their pretty amazing.

The acr j-10r is also a pretty good out of the box blaster. But can definitely use some upgrades. Acr is only about 200. I like those j12 mags. Fit a good deal more than your average m4 mag. Upgrades to take it to the field limit (300 fps) and a new alloy barrel cost me only $60. (Extra mags are $25 each. But it’s a good start)

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No experience with the posted Piston System sorry but purchasing a matched Air Seal Set ‘ready to go’ provides some cost savings as well as reducing some hassle sourcing the parts group. From here they look fine, all the right bits in all the right places, but certainly don’t leap from that statement, hmm, not much help really when I think about it.

I like your Bull-Pup Xetarat, I still haven’t decided with my ‘big build’ whether to run the inner barrel right up to the end of my chosen Suppressor or to have the Supp ‘free air’, any thoughts, any experience, any one, apologies to you OP. My UMP I have the barrel end at the Muzzle then the Supp attached, with a homemade double foam construction Baffle System that works wonders for the Sound Report, obliviously not the Mech Box, but the report has been muffled and dampened heaps, much much better, mmm, Supps, my favourites.

I was there (virtually) every step of the way when the Magpul Masada was created, known now as the Bushmaster ACR and can’t wait to get the Blaster equivalent with it’s solid reputation, low entry cost and the many upgrades, mild to wild, that can be had, I haven’t yet even held one, let alone sighted one.

Create a list AlienCrustaceanCrab, nice handle you have there, it seems you are doing so. Grab a large mixing bowl, throw in your budget, stir in your desired Blaster platform, weigh out the pros & cons, sprinkle in some end user reviews, a dollop of recommendations, add a few drops of past experience, combine all with future mods & upgrades potential, mix, mix, mix, bake for a week or two and hopefully the resulting dish will be all you seek.

Good Luck narrowing it down and choosing a single Blaster from ALL the current offerings, every where you look there’s another you want, just one more.

Anyone know what Kamchop was referencing above, SAGA, search-fu compromised, need to know so as to load just the right amount of cowshit for a return of fire.


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Well thank you.
Of course, I can tell Mooey to hold it in then, I was fuing left n right and comin’ up short with all.
Sounds fitting, I’ll allow it, carry on.

90$ on fleaBay == chrono w/- BT

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I’m taking the plunge. I’ll let you all know how it turns out in a few weeks. Cheers legends :call_me_hand:t3:


Kept under budget at $234.83, fingers crossed I don’t stuff it up

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