Wanting to buy and mod a new blaster

Any recommendations on what blaster to buy and mod.
Ive done a j10 and hk416 now, i was maybe thinking a SMG maybe g36c or ump mp5? or maybe just go a gen 9 all metal cheapish so modding potential is endless?
Any recommendations and prices and links are welcome,
are there currently any black Friday sales happening?


I’ve just picked up a vector to mod as my CQB blaster. Lots of black Friday sales on, tactoys has 20% of everything, the vector was only $160 which was nice. Everywhere else has sales too though not as good as 20%

Ended up getting a LH Styer Aug from @zhenduo_gel_blaster.
Got a good price from the guys there, hope to get it in before Christmas.


thanks dude, i think you spent 133.33aud on that lehui aug after the discount, we have shipped it out and it will reach to your place at full speed