Wanting to upgrade acr j10

Just bought my first gel blaster with the acr j10. And I’m after some knowledge on what I need to upgrade to be able to get better distance an accuracy. Any an all feedback appreciated. Also I’ve seen with barrels that u can get better quality barrels over a generic or no brand? Which is better option

Hi and welcome… there is currently a few J10 threads on the go… better you check some of them than start a re-hash here. The barrel is only any good, whether plastic, metal or which metal… if the gels you have suit it. I personally grade the size of the gels and have barrels to suit each size gels I am using at the time. Search for ‘J10’ on the site… here is a couple to get started :+1:

G’day and welcome. The thing with the ACR in my opinion is, it takes time and patience to get it right. It might just be me and OCD trying to get it spot on, but really it is perseverance that is the key.
I love the ACR (now) and take every opportunity to use it instead of my son using it. As calcifier mentioned the barrel needs to be the one that matches gels. It will take time to get the combo right and once you do…don’t change!
I am currently in the process of installing metal gears as my rate of fire is steadily increasing. Standby for updates.
Have fun with it and persevere…you won’t regret it.

Also, some ‘upgrades’ are actually a step backwards sometimes (like a metal tappet plate is questionable)… the first 'upgrade that is really neccessary, imo, is a chrono… then it can tell you if that upgrade you just did, was really a step forward or backwards…

I will also continue to advise all newbies (and oldbies as well) … you need one basically stock blaster with a seal, good spring around 1.2 - 1.3mm and maybe an alloy barrel… (old faithful) so you always have something to shoot at any time… buy a second (or the cases of a second blaster, then do that up)… all the while, you can still play with old faithful.

Forget any ideas of a gel blaster being accurate… gel blasters are inaccurate by phisics… that is why we are allowed to have them… what we need is to make the inaccuracy consistant… so when we aim high and to the left… (on a wind free day) all the gels go on the target we want to hit

Making our inaccuracies repeatable is our only chance of making our toys seem accurate. The toy blasters will never be sight accurate… there is not enough adjustment off target to effectively use sights in most cases…:face_with_hand_over_mouth:

They sure are a helluva lot of fun tho…:+1: