Warning sticker under battery

If you’ve been wondering what the sticker in the battery compartment of your AKM says, and like me just saw the 7.4v in between the 他們會員 Well… I thought it might just being saying not to use the 7.4 battery. Anyway, I took a photo of it with the Google Translate app and this is what it says:

A Note that this product uses plastic cone drive, high torque high speed operation will easily lead to plastic cone endurance is not strictly prohibited to use the battery voltage of 7.4v and above and change the high speed motor!

All I’m seeing is “Its not strictly prohibited to use just a 7.4v” Ok cool, so I chuck the 11.1 Lipo in and holy hell, that recoil function is working overtime. I’m just about to check a stock AK now on the chrono, so I might do a reading with both stock and 11.1v batteries. I’m guessing the 11.1v will be worse in every way but RPS.
Buffer pads for the recoil weight are now being sold to soften the weight banging up against it’s stop.
I haven’t had anyone come in with a broken box yet but the rumour I heard is the “new v2” AKMs with the standard 11.1v battery are breaking gearbox housings.

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I have one of the original Rx akm units and have done a bit of work on it.

Came with and run it in 3s

Came with a 1.25 spring but run a 1.3

I did pull the engagement tag out of the blowback weight though to alleviate the impact issue that was being reported as destroying the acrylic housing.

It changes the feel of the blaster considerably but it functions just fine.

I may still drill the weight out and reinstall the tab to get the feel back

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Yeah ok, interesting info. I’ve got 7 of the original ones. I’ll keep at least one but I’m upgrading the rest and sell if I can make a little money out of it.

Right… I see the engagement tag. So are you drilling out the weight just to reduce its mass?

When I could be bothered yes

The plan is to split the two halves and drill on the inside where I s not visible

When I could be bothered