We 2011 hi-capa

just thought i would start this was keen on the WE TECH HI-CAPA 3.8 BABY BLACK ‘DEINONYCHUS’ (DEI)

but i will wait to see what the verdict is on these first

if any one has one let me no how it goes

There should be plenty of videos on the air soft versions of these that they’re adapted from. Personally have to wait until lockdown ends before I can collect mine.

not interested in AS reviews just make sure it works as a gel blaster just see how good the conversion is

Low guido did a review already on the 6” one.

Still waiting on mine to get delivered. Been sitting at “we’ve got it” on AusPost tracking since Monday arvo so hopefully get it tomorrow or Friday.

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Mine too, no updates since

BradleyPhillipsYT you get the 3.8 model ?
yes i see

Nah I got the 6" with Tibetan script on it

ah the one that says “Rattler is grumpy old man”

If you translate it into a url, it leads to a rickroll video

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I translated it today and here is what it says…

Left side - Only available in Qld
Right side - Sux to be dave05


oh bugger that tranny tool is a bit off then

there you go

Well that is correct but …