WE Glock 17 - First impressions

I bought one of these boys today. So far I’ve had
that 600fps revolver from M4a1 the huge one
AA Glock c02
AA Tactical 1911 Green Gas
Golden Eagle 1911 c02

And like 4 others I can’t remember what they were. Basically I go through gbb like no tomorrow and sell them when I get bored cause I rarely ever use them.

This WE Glock is something else.
I put in CEH gladiators at first, and it didn’t work well, I was confused. but I figured maybe they’re to big. I put in what I think is AK’s? The earlier batch, I’m not sure if that’s what they are cause I have so many gels in bottles and boy oh boy did they work like a charm. Smaller than the gladiators. The gladiators hurt but the aks’s/ultras whatever the hell they are were something else.

This is by far my favorite GBB I know @DannyG thinks they are shit. Which compared to what he makes I’m sure there is quite a disparity in quality. But so far this is the closest to the real deal AS I’ve held (And I used a lot of AS overseas).

Maybe one day I’ll buy a Danny G one to compare them. (Pray my crypto purchases explode for that though).


Interested in seeing what else you say later on, sorta getting over my p1 and slight issues lol XD

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Just wanted to add my impressions to this as I also received it today.
For the price point I paid for it - it’s fine. It’s not blowing me away in terms of looks, quality or performance as it’s not exceeding anything that came before it - maybe my expectations were too high?
It’s just feels very vanilla.

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That pretty much sums up a Glock doesn’t it :stuck_out_tongue:

If it’s nothing earth shattering but consistent and reliable then it’s good value for the 30% off price they had them for.

Mines in the mail so should get it tomorrow


Sounds like you bought a glock.

For me it’s more reliable, much better built than the AA/Nwell glocks (and it’s slide probably won’t blow off the rails eventually).
it’s got good consistent feeding and fps, it seems to hold more gels. It looks and feels better than the P1, the AA.

But on the whole a glock is a glock, you’ve seen one you’ve seen them all I guess.

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Today, I put 10 mags through the WE G17.

This blaster feels the same as holding a 3DG Glock, only heavier. Its weight is a touch lighter than the ACP Scorpion. The grip is a bit thinner than on the Scorpion with a deeper thumb rest and is more comfortable to hold. It just feels right in the hand and is great to shoot.

I actually prefer that it is a bit plain-looking. How it looks don’t affect performance, and the gels exit the front of the barrel every time I pull the trigger.

It never broke a gel and these were Ultras that had been sitting in a sieve for a few days with only a daily cup of water poured over them.

Overall, the quality is better than the ACP. The slide is a good fit, locks back when it is supposed to and doesn’t rock around too much. There is a tiny bit of side to side play in the mag well. The mags lock in well and drop out smoothly.

The outer barrel is different and doesn’t lock in the chamber like on the ACP. I don’t know what diameter the inner barrel is, as I have seen 7.25 and 7.5 on different websites. Stuffed if I know what the spare plastic barrel is for.

It is reasonably accurate to shoot. I don’t see an issue with hitting anyone at 15 metres + but purchased one of the new Aztech Hellfire hop-ups for it anyway. I saw one of these fitted to an XTP as Azraels the other day. They are a more compact design and easier to use than the previous model.

The sights aren’t as good as the fibre-optic ones on the ACP. Someone online did suggest buying metal sights to replace the stock plastic ones, but they are $70 on the only Australian website I could find that sells them. That is a bit too expensive and hard to justify, other than screwing the housing into metal like the person said in one of the You Tube videos that I can’t find again.

The WE G17 slide action is not as aggressive as the Co2 models, but that is okay. I didn’t buy it to watch the slide recoil. The slide doesn’t have buffer rubbers like the ACP and it is a different design, which I think will work better and not cause any damage.

Green gas mags are a lot easier to refill and less hassle than Co2 mags. It is supposed to have a comparable FPS to the ACP. I found it easier to remove the mag baseplate when refilling to get a better connection. It is my first Green Gas pistol and it took some time to wrap my head how cold the mags get, but I ended up with 4 mags for it. These mags also fit the ACP / XTP, so all good.

I really like the WE G17, and give it a thumbs up.

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Mine should be turning up today. Will check but the p1 sights should fit. Only ones I’ve found different so far are the P1s and G18c with the different blow back units. The base of the rear sight in them is shorter.

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I heard somewhere the WE G17 is supposed to be close to the TM version.

The sights I saw for a G17 were on Armoured Heaven. I didn’t look overseas but wouldn’t buy from an OS site because I don’t know if customs would seize them.

Heads up when ordering sights for pistols especially if purchasing the real deal as well as many of the A/S offerings. The front sight base comes in two flavours, square and oval, oval being the real steel standard and square being used on many Gel and A/S pistols but not exclusively. The Strike Slide I have is oval whereas a few of my other Glock Slides use the square bases. Just one more thing to consider when mucking about. I’m building a Strike Industries themed Glock and will be importing the real deal Strike Industries suppressor height sights shortly.


The WE is a direct clone of TM


That clarifies it. Still, $70 for a set of Guarder sights to fit them had want to come with a gold bar for that price.

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$45aud delivered


Was it you who was supposed to get the FB glock to review? did that ever happen?

Yes it was me but I still haven’t got it working properly yet.

They said they would send me another one but nothing yet

Damn sounds like they were one hell of a dud then. That’s a shame they looked fantastic

Okay, now will they get through customs or not?

No reason why they shouldn’t, I order 95% of my parts through tiger111. You could actually order real steel sights without a permit with no issues. I just ask them to write “Toy parts” on the goods dec.

Thanks for the information. I will keep that in mind.

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Others have had good success with them so maybe I just got a Friday arvo made one 🤷