WE Glock mags in Double Bell

hey all. Anyone tried the WE tech G17 mags in any of the other available glocks? particularly interested in how they go in the double bell TTI.

I have tried the WE Glock 17 mag in an ACP Scorpion.

  1. It fits snugly in the mag well. Goes straight in and locks easily, Drops out no problem. There doesn’t appear to be any rocking when in the mag well

Also tried it in my XTP Scorpion as well and it fits but won’t come out unless shaken around a bit. Doesn’t appear to want to drop out easily

  1. They’re good for about 1.5 to 2 mags ( 20to 25 shots) in the ACP before needing a gas refill. That doesn’t bother me.

I nearly fell over when the very first mag went through okay without breaking a gel.

  1. The main issue is I only have 1 of these WE mags.

After 3 to 4 mags in succession, it gets super cold and then the ACP either doesn’t want to fire, or a cloud of gas starts coming out of the ejection port when it does fire.

I think the issue is the gas just gets too cold to work correctly, but someone is sure to tell me I am wrong.

Being able to rotate 2 or 3 different magazines instead of just using 1 might fix this issue, but I don’t know if it will fix the next point.

The gas I am using is Gel Blaster Gas ( that is what is written on the can)

  1. When I pull the slide off to look inside, it is almost as though the entire nozzle has iced up.

Somebody on another forum suggested I buy a Guarder Nozzle and Piston Head, but I haven’t ordered them as yet. I also heard the Cow Cow fit, but I don’t know what is so special about them either.

  1. The WE Tech mag needs to have the gels spot on about 7mm or they jam-up in the magazine and won’t feed.

At some stage, I intend to replace the barrel in the ACP with a 7.3 mm alloy, so I don’t have to shave down the locating tab in the chamber, but as of now, the chamber end of the barrel has a layer of Teflon tape wrapped around it so it seals better once the two chamber halves are screwed back together. Putting in a smaller diameter barrel might be an improvement.

  1. Didn’t try firing it in the XTP Scorpion - CBF.

  2. Did I tune the gas release valve on the mag? It worked fine and cycled / locked the slide straight out of the box. No problem. Then I wound the gas valve out 1/8th of a turn. Tried that, but ended up winding it back in.

  3. Did I adjust the feed lips - No, and won’t be, The internal space that holds the gels in the magazine doesn’t like larger gels.

  4. Did I prefer it over using the Co2 mags? Yes, it is a lot less hassle than changing bulbs. The lower pressure seems to make it more accurate.


Great info.

Just make sure you check your mag lip seal. WE does flat gas route and Nozzle interface and TM style has the curve for G series.

I’ve used those ice pick style valves and they they add a mag easy of extra time before freezing or full cold soak so maybe worth a shot.

Your last post mentioned 'ice pick style valves". I would be interested in trying a different type of valve, but can’t find any options on the gel blaster sites.

What ones are you talking about and who sells them… if you don’t mind me asking. I am going to the Gold Coast tomorrow (weather permitting),

RPM Techshop sell Posiedon pistols that use the icepick stuff. Not sure if they have parts or not. Might be worth a call or email.


Hi, were you and I speaking on FB a couple of days ago about Guarder nozzles and Armoury 81?

I’m staying out of Brisbane for a while, but will have a look on RPM Techshop to see what they have. Thanks for the pointer.

Yes I reckon that was me

Okay, I thought so. Umm, that looks like it goes inside the nozzle. I haven’t tried pulling a nozzle apart, yet.

What I thought you were talking about is the gas valves on the magazine as someone said you might be able to swap the green gas one out of a Co2 valve.

Edit I ended up ordering a 7mm sieve from Zhendou to see how that goes.

Do APS or other co2 mags work in the WE G17?

Tried the WE Glock mag with the DB TTI G34 - does not work, mag won’t stay in and pushing up from the butt and pressing the trigger released all the gas.
But the DB mag works for the WE Glock.

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I know the ACP mags fit, lock and drop out okay, but I won’t be trying to use CO2 in it as that kind of defeats the purpose of buying a green gas model.

The higher pressure from Co2 might end up causing issues and breaking something. That said, the WE website sells both Co2 and Green Gas mags. IDK if the A-soft models use different quality parts, but I doubt it, so they probably will run on CO2 without too many issues.

You could always send WE an email and ask.