Well CQB Metal - unable to remove muzzle break from outer barrel

Hey guys, i recently picked up the metal CQB and tried to remove the muzzle break from the outer barrel but having no luck - even put the outer barrel in a vice and tried to remove the muzzle break but it seems to rotate, but not actually loosen. also i have removed the grub screw :upside_down_face:

anyone experience this at all? really not wanting to push it too far incase something goes wrong

It a LH thread , you probably know that

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It is probably the grub screw had damaged the alloy thread and now its picked up.
Spray some wd40 in the thread and slowly screw it back and forth until you get it, don’t try to just keep screwing it or it will get worse

Update: ended up going back go m4a1 n the tech had to really work to remove the muzzle break. Turns out that during assembly it was cross threaded. He removed the outer barrel and found that it was cracked at the receiver from what we assume was the assembly as well.

Replaced the outer barrel and muzzle break with a new one and it’s all fine :muscle:


Good stuff, now the fun part happens :+1: