Well G17 Hammer Cracked

Hey guys
I purchased a G17 from Prestige Blasters a while ago and it’s been great. It runs perfectly and I’ve put about 17-20 CO2 bulbs through it already. I just took it apart for maintenance after a game day only to find a crack on the hammer part that the slide pushes back to cock the pistol

Has anyone had this happen to a GBB yet? And what’s my course of action? I’ve already tried contacting Prestige but they haven’t got back to me yet. Do you guys know if a retailer selling the hammer unit that fits the g17?

Thanks for your time guys

Haven’t had that happen but can see how. That small pin through the hammer is really close to the back of it. On mine I can see how the hammer is bulging slightly where the pin is. Needed either smaller pin or a little more meat on the back part of the hammer or better yet, make it out of decent material.


That’s what I was thinking. Right behind that pin there is mabye 0.2 mm of meat. Not really a lot huh :joy:

heard of this happening to the TM G17 versions.

i’ve swapped out both my hammer assy to be cnc after i hit one of the cast components with the dremel and basically dissolved it


What are the TM versions? When I brough this from PB, they actually didn’t specify if it was a WELL G17, I just assumed it was based on how it looked when it arrived. And also, where did you buy the hammer assembly that fits into the g17?

I would like to know this too ! A CNC hammer assembly would be great, for the Well G17.

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TM is the a/s manufacturer these are based on

i got my last cnc hammer assy from rpmtechshop

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Nice, I’ve got one of them I’d been meaning to put in a p1 but will keep it for the AA g17 instead

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put it in the busted one.

aint broke, don’t fix

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Thanks for helping me, I might just jet a new hammer assembly instead of dealing with prestige blasters

stuff that…warranty m8

these things have a bit of a reputation for cracking and failing

warranty…you paid decent money for it. its reasonable to expect it will be fir for purpose


Fair enough, I’ll give it a shot. If that doesn’t pan out for whatever reason, could you send a link to a hammer unit?

He’s just a reseller for AA/CEH. He’s actually based in Victoria too but all his new stuff is getting shipped direct from “his Brisbane warehouse” which I’m assuming means direct from AA/CEH. Helpful to deal with but i suspect you’d likely need to send it back to him/them for a repair with another cast hammer assuming they have spares.

Will be easier and better result if you can buy a replacement cnc hammer. They are really easy to
Swap out. I cracked the plastic lower on my p1 so had to swap everything out to a new one. Same as the AS ones so plenty of vids on YouTube.

So what Hammer assembly actually fits and works in the g17? Do the p1 hammer stuff work? Or is it a specific one?

I think the P1 hammer assembly is slightly different to the Well G17 hammer assembly.
Not sure if it would be a straight drop in replacement or not…
I think the P1 hammer is somewhat better made than the Well one.

Damn. I just really want to get this thing fixed haha

Yeah of course, thanks for the heads up regarding this point of failure in the G17.
Will definitely keep a look out for this cracking on mine.
Sounds like after putting about 50 mags through it, needs to be carefully inspected.
They really should have made all the hammer assembly components out of steel at least, nothing too special, way better than blasted crap alloy material. All for the sake of saving a few cents per unit.

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Yeah it’s a bit Shit haha.

Just inspected my G17, and it appears a hairline crack is already appearing on my hammer too.
I have only put 8 mags through mine.
The hammer design is very poor, that pin has very little material behind it alright ! Really designed to fail easily.
Need to replace this part very soon.

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